French Language Learning

Freedom is a wonderful thing.

Don’t give it up simply for the reason that you wish to learn French—there are quite a lot of ways for you to teach yourself.

Cheers to the internet, it has never been simpler to take up classes in your extra time, whether you are taking French lessons or Arabic lessons in your hometown.

With collaborating websites, online class procedures and Skype instructors are merely a click away, beginning a round of conducted self-study classes in French is extremely easy to get to and achievable.

The internet provides you all the means you require and it is up to you to take it from there!

Self-study is a progressively more feasible choice for pupils of French and can be an excellent mode to start to learn the language. From listening exercises to reading passages, the internet is well supplied up on French resources. If you are meaning to take the drop into French, there has certainly not been a better time than in the present day!

Audio Training is Vital

If you wish to converse in French (and not simply pass examinations or read in French), learning with audio is a necessity. There is a vast dissimilarity between book French and verbal French, and traditional approaches will not get you ready for the manner French folks really communicate in the present day.

French Language Books

French-language books such as kids’ books, bilingual books, and audiobooks are a pronounced and comparatively reasonably priced approach to develop your French, in combination with audio courses.

With Amazon supplying to your doorstep, it is simple to order French-language books in these times. Hard-copy paper books are still the greatest method to train on a precise topic of grammar and to see to exercises. For all the remaining, you will require audio.

Children’s Books

Reading “Le Petit Prince” is, for more progressive pupils, a brilliant method to increase your vocabulary.

It is a myth that all French-language kids’ books are uncomplicated. They are not. Kids’ books are simpler than most French books printed for the French for the reason that they use short sentences, but the language in a number of French children’s books can be rather hard. Think through the language used in the Dr. Seuss books. They without a doubt would not be a simple read for a novice in English.

Bilingual Books

Most bilingual-book series are taken from free-copyright books and deciphered into English. They were not characteristically books printed for pupils. So they are still very tough and will every so often feature older French vocabulary and terminologies: Find out when your book was written, and take this into consideration when learning the vocabulary.

French Audiobooks and Audio Magazines

French Audiobooks and Audio Magazines

Both of these are a wonderful resource, even though most have been produced for the French pupil. Much of what has been created for the French is going to be tough for a starting or intermediary pupil of French, so tough that they could be overpowering and disheartening.

There are, on the other hand, audio magazines that can be used to the great outcome by beginning and intermediate learners of French. Among the nicer audio magazines are Think French, Bien Dire and Fluent French Audio (although the latter is perhaps more appropriate to high-intermediate learners). There are also level-modified French audiobooks and audio novels with English translations, such as the “À Moi Paris” series and “UneSemaine à Paris.”

French Audio Courses

French audio courses are the perfect tool for the self-learner. A nice audio course should demonstrate your vocabulary and grammar, if probably in context, and, of course, articulation. It should be entertaining to practice, direct you through a well-established learning track and develop your self-assurance.

Because they consist of a lot of work, these courses are typically rather costly, so look for a “100 percent money-back assurance” repudiation, a test period or broad examples.

Among the good French audio courses are Michel Thomas, Assimil and French Today.

Rosetta Stone language books are an excessive, enjoyable tool to grow your vocabulary, but they are very dainty on grammar. This may be acceptable for other languages, but it is a real problem for French.

Do Your Research; Find What is perfect for You

There are, of course, still more techniques to learn French. Do your investigation and find out what approaches best fit your requirements, aims, time and financial plan. You won’t be regretful.

The Top Websites for Self-studying French with Me, Myself and I

First, we will march you through a few brilliant sites for learners. Then, we will amp things up with sites for intermediate and advanced learners. No matter where you are at with your French lessons, there is something online that can enhance your learning.


The head source up to bat is FluentU. We have positioned this one up here for the reason that it provides content for French students of all levels—everyone from complete newbies to weathered specialists who’d like to uphold native-level eloquence!

If you are on the search for something slightly different, you will like what FluentU has to propose. Grounded on learning by means of real-world content such as authentic video and audio extracts, this database allows you to select your own content at every stage in the procedure, making learning enjoyable, modified and extremely easy to get to.

French for Beginners Language Theater

French Audiobooks and Audio Magazines

A spin-off from the News in Slow French empire, Language Theater is a peculiar and communicating choice for beginners eyeing for something different. Divided into a number of advanced classes, the website is excellent for plummeting in and out every time you have got time to prepare. It will provide you with great resources for constructing and strengthening your base in French. The payment charges begin at $59.90 for a 3-month access permit to the classes, and the fees go up from there.

Easy French Grammar for Beginners

Despite the fact that a lot of learning platforms are accessible for free, it can every so often be worth spending in a good language course, particularly if you are learning on your own. At present charging $57 for 20 hours’ worth of lessons, Easy French Grammar for Beginners is a wonderful learning choice, and it will explain you everything you want to know about learner grammar in a well-ordered, organized way.

French Assistant

French Assistant is one of the utmost in-depth and varied learning sites out there. Accessible together with cheerful, explicit photographs, each class is made all the more available. Breaking topics down into 15-minute portions, the site is flawlessly modified for the busy learner, allowing you to discontinue by each time you have the time.


Conveyed to you by the French television network TV5MONDE (evidently), this is a website focused in the direction of all levels of French—nevertheless, it actually appears to hit the sweet spot for intermediate and advanced students. Harmonizing video excerpts with written tasks and audio specimens, the website bids an in-depth summary of the French language


If you need to perfect your listening and colloquial French, then FrenchPod101 is the place for you to go! Organized around collaborative videos, native audio excerpts, and colloquial French mediums, the site will attach you to other beginners, and teach you about a completely new side of the French language.

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