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Four of the Best Exotic Destinations to Visit with Kids and Family

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Family Vacation Tours

Considering widening your children’s prospects to destinations beyond Bali and Bangkok? If you are planning a trip ahead to the kids’ year-end summer vacations, why not fill-up their imaginations with surprisingly great excursions?

Forget Play clubs! Rather, flare up their senses with new cities, new cuisines, breezy beaches, and rugged landscapes. Family holidays have gotten sophisticated than they used to be. You can now expect top-notch services for all age groups, luxurious vibes, and inexhaustible activities when you treat the family with an exotic vacation. Book a family vacation tour and everything will be taken care of, right from your hotel to your local travel. To help the newcomers plan an interesting holiday for your family, here’s a list of our top recommendations –

  1. Mauritius

If you like a blend of a summer beach vacation with sheer authenticity of a country, then a trip to Mauritius is a wise choice. During your family vacation tour to this Indian Ocean Island, you can spend days trekking national parks, shopping in the local markets, visiting unique museums and sun-bathing on the beach. Mauritius is a perfect destination to encourage your kids to make the most of the massive clean outdoors.

  1. South Africa

What comes to your mind when you think about South Africa? There’s more to this country than the typical jeep rides and wildlife safaris. For families looking to relax, Cape-Town and Durban are perfect for you. Cape-Town is known for its Table Mountain National Park and its clean diverse beaches where you can spot endangered African penguins. Keep aside your family vacation tour to freezing Antarctica!

  1. Costa Rica

If you have an adventurous family (with kids older than seven years old) – or if you’d want your kids to spend time outdoors than on their mobile phones – then Costa Rica is a great option for you. If your family loves hiking, camping, white water rafting, surfing, and a host of other outdoor activities, many of this can be enjoyed at La Fortuna or take a family vacation tour to Arenal Volcano.

  1. Sri Lanka

If you adore the idea of going to a culturally rich place, then another trending destination to travel with kids is the often underrated country – Sri Lanka! If you like tranquil cities and lush green landscapes, then Sri Lanka’s capital, Kandy, is great.

If you are looking for a family vacation tour that’s stress-free, has fun amenities, and is easily accommodative for the whole family, then take a look at family-friendly Platinum Travel group, so you can have your perfect holiday designed!

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