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Fitness Tips to Gain Muscles and Loose those Extra Pounds in a Month

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This mutually exclusive goal is of many people who are working day and night to shed off the unwanted fat and gain good muscle that gets you back in shape and good health.

Maintaining a good balance between the both will help in giving you extraordinary results.

Lose Weight Slowly

Some target losing too much weight all at once and that results in losing of the fat muscles too and that too very quickly. Following a very low calories diet will result in weight but simultaneously you will lose the muscle fat too and that is quite bad. You must make sure that you do not lose more than 2 pounds in a week. If you do not want to go completely out of shape, then you must maintain balance between losing fat and gaining the muscle mass.

Try to keep your cardio workouts for a lesser duration

You need to focus on high-intensity interval exercises and such switch between bike, treadmill, elliptical and repeated sprints. Doing interval training will help burn more fats and break down the muscles. Low to moderate intensity exercises will burn both fat and muscles.

Bring moderations in your workout

Create challenges for yourself every day and try to accomplish them. Do not stick to doing the same exercises every day. Keep making variations as when you do the same set of exercises every day it does not show the same effect on the body because the muscles get used to the exercise.

Balance cardio and strength training

Balance in everything in life is important, even talking about the exercises. You need to maintain a good balance between doing strength training and cardio exercises. You need to burn more and more calories and when your heart rate is elevated it means you will burn more and more calories. You must do high intensity interval training. You can also try HIIT (high-intensity training) cardio sessions.

Eat enough protein

Immediately after when you perform any workout it is advised to take protein 15-20 minutes after you perform the workout. Taking protein wills help your deprived body regain all the lost nutrients and proteins.

High quality protein foods are eggs, chicken breast and beans are great for replenishing the what is lost. It will help in preserving the lean body mass of the body.

Other facts that you need to consider for gaining the good muscles and losing the unwanted fat:

  • Losing the weight of the body requires a caloric deficit and that means you must consume less in order to burn up fat. How is it done? When you do not give unwanted calories to the body then it compensates by eating up the stored fat of the body which is used to produce energy by the body which would have otherwise used the food to create energy.
  • To build muscles you require caloric surplus which can be only done by taking in more calories that your muscles need.

Once you do this side by side and maintain a balance between the both then you will be able to gain muscles and lose fats simultaneously.

On the days that you do lifting make generous portion of carbs

It is advised that you take generous quantities of carbs on the days that you lift.

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