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Finest chemical and pharmaceutical product dealers

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It is a wise choice to go with the finest people in any particular field of manufacturing and supplying. Especially, when it is in regard to dealing with chemical and pharmaceutical products. From day to day life requirements to huge industrial demands, these chemical and pharmaceutical products play a vital role.

And to deal with such vital aspects there is one such company that is engaged in providing chemical contract manufacturing services. The company and its crew are striving hard to make a well-known brand name in the chemical industry. It focuses on innovating, collaborating and accelerating the process of delivering products to the market for its customers.


The company manufactures a wide variety of products. These products range from Alkali Metal Derivatives, Amino Pyridines, Tetrazoles, Cyclic compounds and Fine chemicals. The company’s website offers a user-friendly interface that helps to search for products easily. This vast product portfolio has a number of categories of chemicals and pharmaceuticals to choose from. A few selected ones are discussed as follows:

chemical contract manufacturing services

  1.       API Products –
  •         The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) products are used in the form of dosage for pharmaceutical and are a drug itself.
  •         They are also the substances of the tablets, or the liquid the API is suspended in. Such substances are known as excipients and also involve other material that is pharmaceutically inert.
  •         Names of a few API products are Benzocaine, Fluconazole, Loperamide Hydrochloride, Losartan Potassium, and Rabeprazole Sodium, among others.
  1.       Sodium Derivatives –
  •         Sodium derivatives are in high demand both in industrial and pharmaceutical sectors.
  •         Few of the Sodium derivatives are Sodium Amide, Sodium Azide, Sodium Ethoxide, Sodium Hydride, and Sodium Methoxide, among others.
  •         Sodium Ethoxide is labelled as one of the most popular products among the entire product range. You can avail this product in powder form and solution form.
  •         The powder form of Sodium Ethoxide is usually white to yellowish powder. It can dissolve in polar solvents such as ethanol.
  •         It is a Sodium Alkoxide which is commonly used as a strong base.  It is also known as a strong nucleophile.
  •         Claisen condensation uses Sodium Ethoxide. This is a notable application.
  1.       Boronic Acids –
  •         The Boronic Acids constitute another important category of products that are related to boric acid.
  •         These acids belong to the large class of Organoboranes.
  •         Alkyl or alkyl group is used to replace one of the three hydroxyl groups.
  1.       Azaindole Derivatives –
  •         In this category, 7-Azaindole is a popular product which is a heterocyclic molecule.
  •         It can be utilized as a pharmaceutical building block.
  •         It can also be utilized starting material in a recent synthesis of azaserotonin.
  1.       (Aminomethyl) Pyridine Compounds –
  •         This category includes 3-(Aminomethyl Pyridine) and 4-(Aminomethyl Pyridine).
  1.       AcetylPyridine Compounds –
  •         This category includes 2-Acetyl-4-MethylPyridine, 2-Acetylpyridine, 3-Acetylpyridine, and 4-acetylpyridine, among others.
  1.       Alkyl Borate Compounds –
  •         Tri-N-Butyl Borate, Triiso Propyl Borate, and Trimethyl Borate are the products mentioned under this category.
  1.       Aminopyridine Compounds –
  •         2-Amino-6-Methyl Pyridine, 2-Amino Pyridine and 2-Chloro-4-Methylpyridine are among the popular products in this category.
  1.       Bipyridine Compounds –
  •         2,2’-Bipyridine (2,2’-Bipyridyl) and 4,4’-Bipyridine are the products included in this category. Among the two, 4,4’-Bipyridine is a popular product.
  1.   Bromopyridine Compounds –
  •         The products listed under this category are 2,3,5-TriBromoPyridine, and 2,6-DIbromopyridine, among others.

Sodium Ethoxide

  1.   Cyclic Compounds and Fine Chemicals –
  •         1,1-Diphenyl Ethanol, 2-Picolinic Acid, and 3-Aminocrotononitrile are among the many products of this category.
  1.   New Products –
  •         The new products category includes 2-Chlorobenimidazole, 2-Chloroethyl ethyl ether, and 5-Methoxy-7-azaindole, among others.
  1.   Other Metal Derivatives –

The other metal derivatives are as follows:

  •         Aluminium Isopropoxide
  •         Lithium Amide
  •         Magnesium Methoxide Solution (8 to 10%)
  1.   Potassium Derivatives –
  •         As the name suggests this category includes various potassium derivatives. Potassium Ethoxide, Potassium Hydride, Potassium Methoxide, and Potassium Tert-Butoxide, are among others.

Apart from the above-discussed categories, there are many other categories offered by the chemical contract manufacturing service providers. They have well-facilitated manufacturing facilities and analytical facilities. They also have a research and development division where the experts strive day and night to produce the best and quality products.

The company has been in the field of manufacturing and supplying of pharmaceuticals and chemicals for years. Its product portfolio has been continuously expanding with unique specialty products. It has been awarded and recognised by major organizations as a provider of notable chemicals and pharmaceuticals. For any of your commercial or industrial purposes, you can always count on them for top-notch quality products.

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