Eye and Face Makeup essentials for Pakistani Girls

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Makeup is an essential part of our grooming and beauty. Makeup plays an important part in personality grooming as well as skin protection. But you know? Makeup also has essentials for itself. Yes, you should be aware of Makeup Essentials. Without
Knowing essentials you cannot make your beauty more glamour. A Big change occurs from basics, and you are not aware of essentials you cannot improve your personality. We will discuss the basic essentials that are very important and necessary for your beauty and personal grooming. Let’s start with


The most prominent part of our body is Our Face. The first impression is the last impression, if your face makeup is not healthy and charming you cannot look like mature so our first preference is Face. You can use the different type of Makeup and cosmetics that will help you in your personality grooming and beauty.


Primer is known as the base. When you are using foundation you should use the primer before. Because primer makes the makeup smother and as well as last longer. It can help against wrinkles and pores filling, so always try primer before Foundation.


Now is the foundation’s turn. Most of the girls think that foundation is necessary for makeup and use on whole the face but the reality is that only use foundation on the face spots where decolorization occur. If you feel no worry against decolorization you can use a tinted moisturizer.


When you are dealing with eyes and eyebrows you should use concealer to hide the circles under your eyes. It also helps in shape drawing of eyebrows.

Setting Translucent Powder:

When you have done all the basics of your makeup then you can use a little amount of powder dust that will help you in long-lasting your makeup and in shining of Makeup.


Eyes are an important part of Our Face as we deal in beauty and Makeup. Your face makeup and beauty can be judged by only from your eyes. If you are using proper makeup for your eyes, this will add significant value in your personality. We can use these following things that will help you in your personality and beauty grooming.

Eye Shadow Base:

eye shadow base is known as the eye shadow premier. You can use an eye shadow base before starting a proper designing of eyes. You can use this on eyelids, creases of eyes and especially under the eyebrow at eyebrow bone. That will help you in the proper shape of the eyebrow.


Eyeliner will help you in defining the edges of your eyes. You can use a dark eyeliner or dark brown pencil or liquid eyeliner for a thin layer on your eyes.


you can use mascara on your eyelashes after using eyeliner and eye shadow base. Mascara is the best way to define the beauty with dark colored mascara if you have light hairs.

These are some essentials for Pakistani women’s that will help them in their personality grooming and beauty. Beauty and personal care are known as the one industry among the top industries in Pakistan. All of these products are available in different verities in the market either it is the local or e-commerce market. online makeup shopping in Pakistan is very easy for women. You can buy any type of Makeup product online from your home.

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