Everything you need to Know about Travel Insurance

Some required documents that need to be submitted to the insurance company for the claim process. They are given below:

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  • Original ticket or boarding pass
  • Copy of passport showing travel dates
  • Original Bills and Vouchers
  • For medical claims – Doctor’s consultation note, original admission / discharge card, bill with prescription of medicines.
  • Claim Settlement Time
  • It will take about 15 days for the claim settlement to present and accept the required documents.

Travel beam while traveling does not cover all cases and situations. The insurance company will not pay in the following cases:

  • Pre-existing medical condition
  • Radio active injuries
  • Fatal sports injuries
  • On trying to harm oneself, like suicide attempt
  • Traveling through transportation that does not have a license to carry passengers.
  • Surgical expenses without accident
  • Baggage loss, if not reported within 24 hours of the incident
  • Partial loss of checked baggage
  • Medical emergency such as abortion or miscarriage in case of pregnancy
  • Medical emergency due to alcohol
  • Claiming treatment other than allopathy
  • Travel insurance company in India

Some insurance companies offering travel insurance in India are:

  • Chola Mandalam
  • Bharti AXA
  • SBI General
  • Future general
  • Apollo munich
  • HDFC Ergo
  • IFFCO Tokyo
  • Bajaj Allianz

Not all travel insurance plans cover all aspects of travel risks. Aspects that are not included may disappoint you. Below are some of the aspects that everyone should know about travel insurance:

If you change your travel program for personal reasons, the claim may be denied.

If you have a pre-existing health problem, you will not be insured for that particular condition.

You need to provide actual proof for your claim. If it is known that you made yourself ill for the claim, your claim will not be approved.

Baggage loss: It is common for luggage to be lost or stolen during travel. In such a situation, if you have not purchased travel insurance, you will lose the valuables in the bag. You will either be given your money with travel insurance, or you will be given new luggage as per your policy.

Cancellation of travel: Weather conditions or technical problems may force you to cancel your trip and if you have not got travel insurance, you will also lose money paid for travel booking and hotel booking, while you travel With the help of trip cancellation coverage in insurance, you can get your money back.

Related Questions

questions. Do you need a medical checkup to get travel insurance?

Answer: This is not required for most insurance companies, provided the adult is up to the age of 70, but if you already have a disease, you need to tell about it before taking insurance.

questions. How is travel insurance premium calculated?

Answer: For travel insurance premium depends on the age of the insured, the place of travel, the duration of the trip and the type of coverage you choose.

questions. What if I lose my money while traveling?

Answer: If you lose your travel funds or are stolen, then travel insurance will arrange emergency cash for you.

Q- If I return home in a planned way, will I get refund?

Answer: Yes, a part of your premium will be refunded.

questions. What amount is deducted?

Answer: This is the amount you have to pay from your pocket after which the insurance company pays the claim.

Why buy travel insurance

Travel Insurance provides you with insurance cover while traveling. Travel insurance can be addressed by insurance companies under various names. It is important for you to check and understand that the policy covers travel within the country or foreign trips or both.

Travel insurance protects you and / or your family from losses related to travel related accidents, unexpected medical expenses at the time of travel, lost luggage, lost passports, etc., due to disruption or delay in flights, or delayed arrival of baggage etc. is.

It is very important for you to read and understand what exactly you have covered in the policy you are considering. Ask all questions from your insurer and / or agent or broker to clear all your doubts and study the terms and conditions of the cover thoroughly. Travel insurance usually covers only for a specific period of travel.

However, some insurance companies may offer different combinations of protection to meet the specific needs of customers; For example, there may be a special policy for high officials traveling frequently.

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