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Everything to Know About Marine Plywood

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Marine Plywood

As you can understand from the name marine plywood is the plywood that is being used in marine applications such as making of boats. You can build boats ships, yachts and floating homes with the help of marine plywood. It is because of the unique features that make it different from another kind of plywood. However, people are now using it for many other applications (as well as such as?!) such as in bathrooms and pools where there is a need for water resistant and moisture resistant material. This kind of material is made from fine wood that goes through many tests so that it can be submerged in water. If you are planning to make your boat using the plywood or make any furniture in the high humidity area or flooring near pools or in the bathroom then you should consider installing marine plywood.


Things to consider before buying marine plywood: 

Here are a few things you should check before buying marine plywood:

  • Before buying you must ensure that it has been made using a waterproof adhesive.
  • Veneering is done properly and it has a glossy finish.
  • Veneers should be thick as they are durable and they give a good texture to the plywood.
  • There shouldn’t be any core gaps as they will weaken the plywood and can allow penetration of water.


Features of marine plywood

Mentioned below are some features of marine plywood

  • It is completely waterproof because of synthetic plastic resin.
  • To bind it together undiluted phenolic resin is used.
  • It is made using superior quality wood and glue.
  • It is majorly used for outdoor applications as it is exterior grade ply.
  • It is boiling waterproof and boiling water resistant that makes it unique.
  • It is acid and alkaline proof.
Marine Plywood
Marine Plywood

Benefits of marine plywood

Mentioned below are some major benefits of marine plywood:

  • It is more durable due to its veneers, enhanced properties and laminated structures.
  • It is waterproof and moisture resistant that is why it doesn’t swell up or shrinks like wood.
  • It can control water penetration because of the special glue that makes it completely waterproof.
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions and can go through wear and tear but doesn’t get impacts.
  • It doesn’t get wood rotting.
  • It is flexible and can be bent easily to create any structure and it will not crack in such a situation that is why boats are easily made using this plywood.
  • It has a smooth surface and is soft to touch.
  • It is stain resistant and water droplets don’t add stains to its walls.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It can be used to make any kind of flooring other domestic or commercial applications and marine applications too.
  • It is cheap in cost and low in maintenance.
  • It is eco-friendly because it is made using recycled wood.
  • It does not release any harmful chemicals in air or water.
  • It can be used to make the bathroom and kitchen floors as well other than marine applications.


Like other plywood, marine plywood is also available in many grades. It is very tough to find out the difference between high and low-grade plywood just by looking at it. You must do proper research and understand the basic nature and properties of marine plywood before buying them. If you still have doubt, you should take help of an expert in buying it. For satisfactory purchase, you should only buy it from the most reputed supplier in the market.

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