incredible destination of Kochi

Pondering over as to when is the best time to visit Kochi? We get it! That is why we are here with the solution. We say that monsoon is the best time to visit Kochi and for that we have come up with some valid and valuable points to tell you why monsoon is the best time to visit Kochi really. Okay so before you even start reading along with us about the reasons in this article, we would also like you to book some cheap flights to Kochi so that you don’t miss out on this amazing monsoon destination.

Here’s why monsoon is the best time to visit Kochi:

There are countless reasons why monsoon is the best time to visit the incredible destination of Kochi! To make things easier, we have narrowed down the list to the five most important reasons why you should fly down to Kochi during the monsoon. So without any further ado, let’s quickly find out why monsoon is the best time to visit Kochi.


To be in Kochi during the Onam festival is a delight. Onam is the harvest festival and one of the most important festivals of Kerala. So this is the best time to visit Kochi. You will be able to savor the rich cultural heritage of Kerala through folk dances like Kathakali and Mohini Attam, the world’s oldest martial arts form – Kalaripayattu, decorated elephants, flowers, traditional games and elaborated feasts. Festivities carry on for about 10 days, culminating with Thiru Onam which happened to be on 4th September of 2017. So the best you can do is wait for the next Onam where you will be finding amazing martial arts and boat rides.


Ayurvedic treatments are usually known for balancing the bodily imbalances and for mental peace too. Ayurvedic treatments work best when taken place in Kerala. And the best time to get them done? Monsoon! So naturally if you want to get ayurvedic treatments done then the best time to visit Kochi is monsoon as the treatments seem to work best in this season. The skin goes perfectly soft and the pores open up while nature and the atmosphere are peaceful and perfectly fine. So think about it and if you happen to plan a treatment session in Kochi during monsoons then you have the availability of direct flights to Kochi so that you don’t have to wait for longer hours in the flights.


It is evident and logical that water tends to increase in quantity when it’s raining and that is why you get to see huge amounts in the waterfalls and that is again one of the reasons as to why monsoon is the best time to visit Kochi. Lush greenery everywhere, lots of breeze to feel fresh and an amazing evening by the side of the amazing waterfalls in Kerala. The amazing scenic beauties of waterfalls during monsoons make it the best time to visit Kochi.


As alluring as it sounds usually it is believed that tourists from other countries come here a little less during monsoon. So that makes it the best time to visit Kochi for us and that is why you could probably think about booking some flight tickets to Kochi at Indian Eagle during monsoon.


It is true! The best time to visit Kochi is monsoon because we get cheap flight tickets to Kochi and also get the chance of availing the best offers and deals on them. Monsoon is the time when you get to experience the best discounts and also attractive deals and that is why we advise you to book tickets for a monsoon.

So that was what we wanted to tell you about the best time to visit Kochi. The fact is that Kerala is always filled with lush greenery and moist weather with delicious dishes to taste and amazing places to visit. But then there cannot be a better combination than rains and greenery and that is why you should surely try visiting Kerala and especially Kochi in the months of August to November. Book last minute flights in case you have missed the chance of booking cheap flights in advance. You could even go for the business class flights for a luxurious king-like trip for an economic price.