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Early Symptoms and Signs of Liver Cancer

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liver cancer

The liver is considered to be a power house in the human body and is located on the abdomen’s right side just below the diaphragm. It does play a crucial role in the body’s metabolism, controls levels of blood sugar and filters blood. But if this organ experiences malfunction, then there is bound to be faced several unwanted health problems. Symptoms of liver cancer are considered to be the basic parameters to confirm the presence of dangerous tumours and cancerous cells in the liver. Diagnosing the early signs helps the person to perform advanced diagnosis to trace cancerous polyps. The best and most appropriate way to identify symptoms is to have regular medical check-ups from the top doctors in the field and at the best hospitals in the region. With low liver cancer treatment cost in India, the chances of survival automatically increase manifolds.

Role and type

Acceding to the medical experts, liver cancer is said to have among the lowest initial stage survival rates, when compared with other cancer types. The average survival chances from this type of disease during the first stage are stated to be 27%. But in the 2nd & 3rd stages of this cancer, the victim’s average survival chances is about 9%, while the last phase is just 4%. Therefore, one the most basic requirements will be to ensure proper and thorough diagnosis by the best doctors and to avail reliable and advanced cancer treatments.

Signs and symptoms

The early signs of liver cancer can be indirect or direct and could be caused because of secondary or primary tumour growth. Cancer cell primary growth is said to target the liver region mainly during the initial stages. But this growth could be limited to the local areas during the initial stages. However, it is the tendency of tumour to spread to the other parts of the body including remote areas during the final stage.

Secondary growth is said to refer to tumour growth in many parts of the body. During the late liver cancerous stage, it metastasizes and reaches liver areas via a process termed as metastasis. Early signs of this disease could be somewhat different during secondary growth when compared to that of the one taking place in primary growth.

The different early signs of liver cancer include chronic liver disorders such as frequent swelling in the liver region, liver inflammation, extreme pain experienced in the liver region, diagnosis of polyp or raised mass in the region. Such tumour or polyp could be non-cancerous during the early stages. However, the chances of the same turning cancerous are very high. Abnormal cell growth can be managed or controlled by removing the tumours on time. This will actually stop its further spreading in different parts of the body.

The other direct type of early signs include unseal changes noticed in the liver size, pains emerging in the abdominal region, bleeding in the liver, changes or alteration in abdomen size, injuries or infections in liver or its adjacent regions, which becomes persistent and does not go away. In such cases, it becomes vital to get proper check-up for cancerous growth.

There are several indirect signs which might or perhaps not be detected among all victims. These indirect symptoms could include unnatural or unexpected weight loss or sudden appetite loss. Back pains, jaundice, frequent vomiting (severe emesis), anaemia, alternation in lymph node size close to liver are few basic indirect early symptoms and signs of this disease.

It will be very much important to diagnose the symptoms at an early stage, so as to derive detailed diagnosis, of which, the commonly  recommended ones are biopsy of whole body or liver, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT) scan, laparoscopy, ultrasound, scanning / ultrasound in the abdominal region. The other methods to cross check the existence of liver cancerous cells are serum alpha fetoprotein, x-rays and liver function tests.

The symptoms however, could vary depending upon the patient’s ethnicity and age. But the early sign patterns of this disease could differ depending upon the victim’s gender. Awareness of this type of cancer is very much important, so as to get the most appropriate and timely treatment from the top doctors in the region.

With average cost of  Cancer Treatment in India being quite reasonable, there is no reason why patients should prolong their suffering.

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