Does CBD Oil Really Work for Chronic Pain Management?


CBD one of 120 compounds that are usually referred to as ‘cannabinoids’. Keep in mind that, unlike THC, CBD does not produce the high feeling that is associated with cannabis, nor any other psychoactive effects.

The reason behind this is simple – CBD doesn’t affect the same receptors that THC does. Given this, researchers have managed to produce CBD oil, which is believed to alleviate some symptoms that we all have to live with, depending on our condition, age, and so on.

What is CBD Oil?

The cannabis plant and natural hemp hold different levels of compounds, including CBD. This is where the makers of CBD oil get their CBD. However, it is known that most CBD oil in fact comes from industrial hemp, as the latter has a higher content of CBD than marijuana.

Moving on to the oil itself, it comes in different strengths and is used by people in diverse ways – to alleviate pain and even to reduce anxiety and stress.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

As you will see in the upcoming text, CBD is now known to actually work for chronic pain management. In fact, people have traditionally used CBD for thousands of years to treat pain.

Here are some of the benefits of CBD oil. Most of them are related to chronic pain or other types of pain that people usually suffer from.

  • Arthritis Pain

To determine whether CBD oil would help people with arthritis, a study using an animal model was conducted. The researchers behind it applied a gel containing CBD to rats suffering from arthritis.

The results? During the four days in which the gel was applied, researches noticed a significant drop in signs of pain and inflammation. Additionally, there were no side effects.

Therefore, CBD oil is now popular for relieving pain associated with arthritis.

  • Multiple Sclerosis

As you may know, multiple sclerosis comes with muscle spasms, because this is the disease’s most common symptoms. In some cases, these spasms can even cause constant pain for some people.

One study has shown that short-term use of CBD oil can reduce the spasticity levels of a person suffering from multiple sclerosis. Even though the results are labeled as modest, many people reported a reduction of their symptoms.

  • Chronic Pain

Researchers have also determined that cannabis can indeed be used as an effective treatment for chronic pain. The initial reports used the results of multiple systematic reviews that involved dozens of studies and trials.

Moreover, another study also supports these results. The research published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine shows that pain and inflammation can be reduced by using CBD.

Furthermore, it was found that the subjects did not build a tolerance to the effect of CBD oil, and were also not likely to build any in the future. In short, they wouldn’t need to constantly increase the dose.

The Bottom Line

Even with modest results, there are many people out there who claim that CBD oil has actually helped them deal with chronic pain and other conditions.

While researchers state that more studies are necessary, it goes without saying that CBD oil has a lot of potential when it comes to pain relief and managing chronic pain.