Interior Decoration With Beautiful Wall Hangings

Decorating an empty wall is a custom that goes back to and beyond the Stone Age; when prehistoric man carved and painted the walls of cave dwellings. This form of art has progressed with time and now we have paintings, picture frames, and walls hangings which are popular items of interior décor. Today we purchase picture frames, paintings, posters and wall hangings to go up on our walls and they often cost a neat sum of money.

Like most other forms of handicrafts, great wall hangings can be made at home itself with some practice. Additionally, these make for great DIY projects to constructively utilize your free time. Creating beautiful DIY wall hangings at home are definitely great projects to get kids, other family members, and even close friends involved in and the end product is a fine piece of DIY art that is either the product of collective effort or the prize for your personal endeavors.

Unlike cheap paintings and posters; wall hangings are personal expressions of art and creativity and while the end product may vary in terms of aesthetics; it is a great way to get back in touch with your creative side. Wall hangings look much more awesome with a complimentary interior painting. Listed below are the instructions and guidance you require to successfully complete a few fun and interesting DIY wall hangings projects with an emphasis on easily sourced materials to get the project done. Scroll down and pick your DIY wall hangings project now!

Luscious Lips Wall Hanging

What You Need


Red Paint

Glue Gun

Instructions: If you are looking for a contemporary idea for wall hangings this is the one for you. Follow the instructions step by step to recreate this trendy piece of wall art.

  • Draw the perfect pair of luscious oversized lips on a large piece of cardboard.
  • Paint it with bright and shiny scarlet red color;
  • Strategically cut out your painting and remove excess cardboard;
  • Now cut up your painting to give it a desirable shape of lips.
  • Use a simple white chart paper base and glue on the pieces of your painting in much the same manner that you would put together a puzzle;
  • Your end result is a collage-like pair of luscious lips that go perfectly on your wall.

Soft Board Wall Art with Rainbow String

What You Need

A large soft board;

Soft board Pins;

Colored Thread (preferably bright fluorescent colors);

Instructions: Use a soft board that you have at home or purchase one to create this brilliant wall hanging. Follow the instructions below…

  • Strategically place pins on the soft board to form a word of your;
  • Now take your bright colored string and strategically tangle it around the pins on your soft board to highlight the word you have spelled out;
  • Use as many colors as possible by simply knotting the threads together. 

Wall Hangings from Toilet Paper Rolls

What You Need

Toilet Paper Rolls;

Glue Gun;

Silver Spray Paint;

Instructions: If you thought that all you could do with old toilet paper rolls is chuck them out with the trash, think again. You can even create creative wall hangings that you can put together with old toilet paper rolls. Follow the instructions to get it done.

  • Maneuver and bend individual toilet paper rolls to form leave like formations or tear drop formations;
  • Strategically glue them to together to form a cluster of leaves;
  • Liberally spray your creation with silver spray paint and what you have a simple to create yet glamorous wall hanging for your walls.

Clipboard Wall Hangings

What You Need


Paints and Crayons;

Clipboards ;

Instructions: We are all proud of any endeavors our kids take up, which is why we often tape their rudimentary art to the refrigerator door or put it up on a soft board. Here is one way to better display your kid’s art in the form of wall hangings. It is fair to say that the resulting DIP wall hanging makes it all pretty apparent…

  • Get your kid to create art of their choice;
  • Attach the works of art on paper to clipboards;
  • Hang the clipboards strategically on your wall.

Plate Wall Hangings

What You Need

A collection of Fine China Plates

Appropriate Fixtures

Instructions: We have to agree that displaying a collection of fine China plates is an undeniably artistic form of wall hangings. The instructions are as simple as possible…

  • Attach appropriate fixtures to the back of the plate;
  • Strategically nail tacks to your wall;
  • Strategically place the plates on the tacks with the help of the fixtures

Sea Shell Wall Hanging

What You Need

2 Dowels


Glue Gun

Acrylic Paints

Sea Shells

Instructions: This sea shell wall hanging is purely organic art and all you need to do in preparation is to start collection sea shells the next time you visit the beach. The instructions to create this wall hanging are as follows.

Using two dowels create a rope frame;

  • You need to come pre-drilled or you may need to drill holes yourself to create a strong frame
  • You could drill holes in the sea shells to attach them to the rope frame
  • Or you could strategically glue them on
  • Paint your sea shells if you want more color

In conclusion, listed above are just a few tutorials and corresponding information for DIY wall hangings and once you have mastered these, you can move on to bigger and more complex DIY projects. You can even use a custom printed silk fabric in the background to enhance this DIY project to next level. Also note that some of the wall hangings look fabulous with parquet flooring (ex: clipboard wall hanging) DIY wall hangings projects are surprisingly simple to execute and success is guaranteed if you follow instructions. What you get as result of all your efforts are works of art that you can truly take pride in. Additionally, most of the mental stimulation lies in getting the project done and spending your free time in a constructive and holistic way.