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Photography is a vast field and encompasses several genres. Unfortunately, many amateur photographers often get confused between the two terms, i.e. editorial photography and commercial photography. You can be one of them and may have the myth that these two forms of photography are the same. However, in reality, there is a significant difference between these two types of photography style. This piece of article is all about the difference between editorial and commercial photography. Read it till the end to have a better understanding of these photography niches.

What Are Commercial Photographs?

Generally, commercial photos are used for advertising and promoting products, services, brand, and business. Moreover, these pictures also help to communicate ambitious ideas with the audience. In simple words, businesses need commercial images to increase their sales and revenue. You must have seen such pictures on brochures, leaflets, business cards, hoardings, etc.

Commercial photographs play a vital role in the business world. They help to entice customers towards specific products and encourage them to make a purchase. For instance, you go to the restaurant and look at their food menu, and if the photos of cuisines are alluring, you will definitely order the food. On the other hand, if the pictures are not good, you would think that food will not be delicious and move on to other restaurants. This is the power of commercial photography.

There is no shortage of commercial photography gigs in Bristol and other parts of the world. Almost every type of business hires professional photographers for commercial shoots. In addition to this, the emergence of e-commerce has further increased the demand for such photographers.

What Are Editorial Photographs?

Unlike commercial photographers, editorial images are not used for advertising or selling purposes. Typically, these images are taken in public places and used in newspapers & journals to communicate specific stories. Commercial photographs reflect the real emotions and conditions of the people and strengthen the articles, blogpost, & other meaningful writings. Moreover, they are used to engage the people and give inspirational messages to society. Many people hire editorial photographs to click such images that can support their written stories. Commercial images are widely found in documentaries, textbooks, blog websites, essays, magazines, articles, etc. Now let us discuss the key differences between editorial and commercial photography.

  • Main Objective

Commercial photography aims to represent the products and services of the clients in the most captivating way. Thus, it helps organizations to promote their brand as well as connect with potential buyers. Put simply; commercial images are used to convey the story of the brand. On the flip side, editorial photography is used to communicate the real story of the people in the editorials.

  • Client

Generally, commercial photography clients are companies, brands and online retailers. But in the case of editorial photography, clients are publications (newspaper, journal, books, etc.).

  • Role Of Photographer

Editorial photographers have full freedom to represent the picture in a storytelling format. However, commercial photographers have to strictly follow the instructions of the business owners and photograph the products & corporate professionals according to them.

  • Ownership

In professional photography, companies employ photographers on a contractual or permanent basis. So, it is clear that the ownership of the pictures they click over a certain period of time goes to the business owners. However, if we talk about stock images, the photographer has full copyright on them. On the other hand, in editorial photography, photographers give ownership of images to the publication for a specific time and then take it back.

  • Budget

Apart from all the above differences, there is a significant difference between the budget of commercial and editorial photography. The commercial photoshoot is more expensive and requires many props as well as accessories. Sometimes, models are also required to be hired for commercial photography.

The Bottom Line-:

We hope that the above article helped you find out the real difference between editorial & commercial photography. These both are rewarding jobs; you can choose any of them for your career as per your interest.

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