Design and Develop your Website via PLAN

design and develop a website

Designing a website is never an easy task however CMS content management system platforms preferably like WordPress and make it very easier because of simple, free and online website design. It supposes to be a day job but these websites have few pages and used for a business page or profile website. But in other words, if you are looking for a business revenue-generating website then it needs a proper web design agency with major functionality tools and understanding. Development of these websites taking a long time and should be followed by appropriate planning to ensure quality and higher ROI.


For better understanding PLAN describe as

Put in order – Categorize functions, tool, design, and Goal.

Landscape – select and apply platform, website features and functionality

Aesthetics – chose the outlook and standard view of the website, for instance, base colors, images, etc

Navigate – design pages transformation and the way to describe your presence via a website


Before you jump in to get your business domain and hosting for your website it is essential to review your plan and must align your business plan with these objectives.

Identify your audience first like what market you are targeting. It’s called a demographics analysis to understand the presence and potential of your clients. It is based on likes and dislikes.

Reconcile the purpose of your website. Be strong on your intention and business plan thus you got uninterrupted business leads and selling your products without any disturbance.

Sited all indispensable information and data on your website to attain your aim Categorize all data and significant statistics originate with related industry. Also, put your best effort to communicate with your clients.


This phase is based on the “layout” of your website and decides the website features hierarchy and usage of the critical element. Generally, it is all about calculation to get the maximum benefit from this phase it is recommended to review your website objective and classify its functionality. For example in the case of the eCommerce website you need to set up shopping solutions including cart features, card payment system and delivery process.

In a detailed overview here are the topmost features used in each business website. Ecommerce solution and plugins including cart and payment setup, product gallery, email list building tool, portfolio, operational pages together with about us and contact pages, social media integrations, blogs, FAQs and reviews.

These are front end facet and you just cannot back off from back-end tools like SEO (search engine marketing), security aspects like SSL certificate for maximum protection and cache setup for faster transformation. However, it is not a compulsion to utilize all of them. It is based on your objective and working scenario.


Firstly you need to analyze the demographics of your potential client and market because in the present world digital marketing is strong so you need to approach your target market with full preparation. Studying those stats will help you out to finalize your design pattern and color combinations since every state or country have a different perception. In general, perspective does not apply a dark color theme for your website.

Design it readable and handy, in common few of us design website with dark colors with a small font which cause complication during reading since light color background with dark font color will reverse the outcome it looks traditional and all-time favorite also compatible with all available browsers,

Follow old traditional format like newspaper, what new in that style? Have you ever wonder why the pattern is always the same as breaking news is always on top and other top news are placed on the left or right corner. Follow the same theme and place your top content on the summit and divided them down below as per precedence. For visitor’s expediency avoid unnecessary data and do not force them to scroll down a bit longer.

Make sure to keep the responsive design, nowadays we need Smartphone and tablet views designs more than desktop.


Last but not the least navigation is the web direction plan for pages and links. It contains all interlinks and major links of pages hence it needs extra care. The structure should be easy and explicable for visitors.
For best practice draw it manually on simple paper. Start from the top as your website homepage and interlink them with other pages.

List your website pages that used most for instance “About Us” and “Contact Us”, in the case of e-commerce website your “cart” and “checkout” pages will be treated as same.

Now listed category pages of your site and linked it with the homepage, in e-commerce website there are multiple categories, carefully settle on these categories with related pages.

Once you’re done with a website, make sure to recheck all pages links, images and videos sometimes the link is broken. Submit forms and test their functionality. Load the website on all browsers and other devices to encounter any faults.