Degree Vs Skills- The Debate That Has Ignited the World



An elephant and a squirrel were asked to climb the tree the winner was declared the fastest. Squirrel won without any struggles yet elephant didn’t even started and then people started calling an elephant a failure. You might have heard of this story too often and this is one of the things that has ignited a fire of debate in the world. The education systems all around the valued marks and grades more than a century. A* or A was the ultimate representation of intelligence but what about people who were creative and the ones who were problem solvers and good at managing. Are they not worth as much as a person who has been graded with an A*?

Well, the century changed and it brought changes to the world. One of the major changes in the same world was the induction of technology in every structure and this is when people started to realized that nothing but skills and intelligence could be enough to make things happen and a successful career now is not merely dependent on a degree from a well-renowned university.

Here we have come up with a few careers that could be chosen even if you have dropped out of University.

Web developer

Although, people acquire a degree in the field of Web development it is not a necessity. You can even learn web designing with different tools and software and can bring elegance in your work through practice. The web developers we see too often have been found without a degree and this is what has made people consider that a well-paid career does not require a degree every time.


The ultimate depiction of skills taking over the degree could be seen in the field of writing. Writing is not everybody’s cup of tea and not even any degree can make people learn those skills. Whatever you go for either it is article writing, blogging or Wikipedia writing service it requires you to have the art of making words to be lined down in a way that makes the best expression of the ideas. Wikipedia writing service or blogging could also make you earn a lot of money and this is the reason that now degree has been beaten against the skills.


From web to logo everything is now designed by the professional designers and if you think they have a degree for the same then probably you have got it wrong all this while. Their skills to think creative and innovative, as well as making the elements of design to be adjusted, are gained through expertise. This is one of the other jobs that could be gained through skills and no degrees are required for the same.


Let the people see through a lens and let them experience everything with a camera. This is what photographer do in order to make the contemplations on earning their bread and butter. Photographers can earn success through their skills. They with the best skills can make contemplations on success in their careers and no degrees could make their skills to be endorsed.


Well, these are only the four examples of how degrees have been outclassed by the skills in recent times. And this hasn’t been just proven through the induction of the idea in the world but it has been proven by people showing the idea to the world. Are you thinking about what I am talking? Well, let me name a few people and you would exactly know what I am talking about. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg these are the names of people who the entire world knows yet the only thing that is common between them is that they dropped outs. They left degrees and made their skills to become their weapons for conquering the world. So have you got the skills to make it big? Well, your skills could be the next big thing to make your life to be changed? But is the debate about the skills and degree ever going to end?