Data Science: Debunking Myths & Accepting Realities


The latest Infographic released by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) focuses on the myths and realities surrounding Data Science. The Infographic has revealed quite informative findings including the skills required and the salaries one draws as a data science professional.

Data Science
Data Science

The infographic highlighted on what is data science along with pointing out the fact that significant percentage of data science professionals have at least have one master’s degree in the related subject. Emphasizing on the definition of Data Science, the infographic revealed that Data Science is a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines, with each equipped with specialized skills and abilities that delivers multifaceted benefits to the business.

Focusing on the educational skills and qualifications required to become a successful data scientist, the infographic revealed that about 46% of data science professionals have PhDs, with 32% of data science professionals possessing a bachelor’s degree in both mathematics and statistics. Followed by 19% and 16% of data science professionals being graduate in computer science and engineering respectively. The infographic also revealed quite an interesting fact that almost 88% of data science professionals have at least one master’s degree in the relevant field.

It also talked about DASCA’s Knowledge-ware that can help the professionals in forming concepts, reliable descriptive inferences, along with equipping them with an ability to make casual inferences from past experiences or even making predictions about the future.

Debunking some common myths like data science is exclusively for experts in mathematics and statistics, or that it is all about science and introducing some realities of data science. Focusing on the key skills required to become a data scientist, the infographic revealed that anyone can learn and become data scientist if they had a knack for solving problems with inquisitive mind, strong communication skills and tremendous love for data – raw, structured, unstructured or semi-structured.

It also talked about how cross-disciplinary professionals who are eager to learn and explore something new can become good data scientists. All they need is required skills and certification in data science to validate their skills. The data science industry is growing by leaps and bounds and the certified professionals are always in demand.

Speaking about both the salary packages for certified data science professionals (ranging from entry to senior level) and the career path for the professionals, the infographic packed quite a punch on data science for the enthusiastic professionals.

So if you wish to make a career switch and become a data science professional then you know the path to your dream career is acquiring the skills, getting trained in them, gaining experience and then getting certified in and as data science professionals.