7 Ridiculously Creative Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is delightful symbols of the Christmas season. Whether they are real or artificial, they provide a magnificent setting for the sparkling lights and colorful ornaments that are hung on them by families everywhere during the holiday season, and gifts are usually piled beneath the tree on Christmas morning.

Christmas trees have become one of the primary symbols of the season, appearing on Christmas cards and in storybooks. However, decorating them in the same way with the same ornaments year after year can become dull, and as the next holiday season approaches, many owners begin to look for new, more creative ways to deck out their Christmas trees.

This guide will provide seven ridiculously creative ways to decorate a Christmas tree, all of which will delight family members and guests alike. The guide will also mention a few places where buyers can obtain Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, including retail stores, Christmas tree lots, and websites such as eBay, amazon..

Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees

The two main categories of Christmas trees include artificial trees and real trees. Both types have a number of advantages and disadvantages, some of which are compared in the chart below.



Potential Hazards


Real Christmas Trees Real Christmas trees need to be watered frequently, and they often shower the floor around them with needles that have to be swept up or vacuumed. Real Christmas trees pose a fire hazard, since they are strung with electrical lights. Real Christmas trees must be purchased new every year.
Artificial Christmas Trees Artificial Christmas trees require little to no maintenance other than the initial setup, which involves unfolding all the branches when the tree is first set up and then folding them back together when the tree is stored after Christmas. Artificial trees contain PVC plastics, which may pose a health hazard as they sometimes release dioxins into the air. They are also non-biodegradable. Artificial Christmas trees also burn much faster than real ones do, posing a greater fire hazard. Artificial trees are a one-time investment that usually lasts for a number of years.

Many people enjoy the scent and the natural beauty of real Christmas trees, while others prefer the easy maintenance and longevity of artificial trees. Some people have allergies that prevent them from being around real Christmas trees. Buyers will need to consult with other members of the household and determine which type of tree suits their lifestyle.

7 Creative Themes for Christmas Trees

The following seven themes are ridiculously creative and will help users keep their Christmas tree looking fresh each season.

1. Nature Tree

A nature-themed tree is ideal for people who love the outdoors. Whether users are living in the country, enjoying a rustic lifestyle, or living in the city, longing for the clean air of the countryside, this tree will breathe fresh air into the home. A nature theme works best with a real Christmas tree, but it can be delightful with an artificial one as well.

To create a nature-themed Christmas tree, owners could tuck tiny stuffed animals,, small artificial birds,, or animal figurines among the twigs and twine leafy vines or garlands of silk flowers through the branches. Any natural elements, such as pine cones,, sprays of dry grass, berries, and nuts look good on this tree. Energy-efficient Christmas lights will also help to emphasize the tree’s eco-friendly focus.

2. Toyland Tree

For many people, some of their best Christmas memories center on a special beloved toy. A Christmas tree can reflect that childhood wonder when it is decorated with vintage toys.. Owners can search their attic for classic items that have not been played with for years, or they can take the whole family on a fun expedition to hunt for old toys in thrift stores and consignment shops.

Strings of warmly colored lights are wrapped around the tree, and then each toy is nestled carefully in the branches. Owners can secure the toys using string, ribbons, or floral wire. A few regular Christmas balls and other ornaments can fill in any blank spots.

3. Family Tree

Families can honor past generations and present loved ones with this unique and beautiful tree. First, they will need a selection of small ornaments that include frames, or a number of tiny frames to which they have attached loops oftwine or ribbon.. In each tiny frame, they can place small copies of treasured family photos.

Black and white photos of great-grandparents, pictures of extended family members, baby pictures, and photos of recent family events can all find a place here, creating not just an attractive Christmas tree, but also a collection of precious memories.

4. Sugarplum Tree

Both the Nutcracker fable and the poem “The Night Before Christmas” feature the concept of sugarplums, candies, and other holiday treats. Children will enjoy making and decorating sugar cookie ornaments and gingerbread men for a sugarplum theme.

Strings of popcorn can be looped through the branches. Huge, colorful lollipops and long candy canes can be tied to twigs using floral wire,, twine, or ribbons. The more sugary candies that can be piled onto this tree, the better it will look.

5. Fruit Tree

This tree celebrates the role of fruit in the holiday season. The ornamental fruit for the tree can be purchased at any grocery store or market. Sliced, dried oranges are hung from the branches along with whole apples and pears. Some users with larger trees may want to add a pineapple or two on the lower boughs.

Regular ornaments can be interspersed with the fruit to fill any bare spaces. Popcorn garlands will look great on this type of Christmas tree. And users could also use strings of cranberries to add color and interest. Since fruit is not imperishable, this type of tree should be decorated shortly before the holiday rather than weeks in advance.

6. Patriotic Tree

This tree offers users a diversion from the typical red and green Christmas color scheme. Instead, Americans can show their patriotism by decking out the tree in red, white, and blue colors. Among the other ornaments, they can include small vintage flags and black and white photos of family members who served in the military.

For families of other ethnicities or international backgrounds, the colors and ornaments can be adapted to reflect their unique culture and their national pride.

7. Snowman Tree

This tree features a variety of snowmen ornaments.. On the boughs, users can hang snowflakes cut from white felt, glittering plastic icicles, and white or silver balls. Cotton laid out on the branches and showered with crystal snow gives the effect of a recent snowfall.

Buying Christmas Trees and Christmas Decorations on eBay

You can buy real Christmas trees at local lots in your area. If you prefer an artificial tree, you can find many options in brick and mortar department stores and online via auction websites like eBay, amazon..

Researching Sellers and Listings on eBay

If you shop on eBay, be sure to look for free shipping offers or choose to purchase your Christmas tree or Christmas supplies from sellers within easy driving distance of your home. Remember to check the listings for return policies in case the Christmas tree that you purchase does not work in your space. In addition, be sure to purchase from Top Rated eBay sellers who have received good feedback scores from their other customers. If you need more details or photos of a Christmas tree or a set of Christmas decorations, click Ask a Question on the listing page to get in touch with the seller, or go to the seller’s profile page and select Contact Member.


Decorating a beautiful Christmas tree is one of the most delightful activities of the Christmas season. However, if owners use the same decorations and themes year after year, decorating the tree can lose its joy and may become a dull chore. Families can restore the excitement of decorating their Christmas tree by choosing a creative theme. Such as pine cones, sugar plums, a Colonial Christmas, family photos, letters and words, Father Time, feathers, sparkles, Victorian decor, or the moon and stars. They could also select a unique color scheme. Such as green and white, blue and white, all red, purple and gold, or all white.

Some ornaments can be handmade as a family project, creating the opportunity for more family bonding and holiday memory making. With a little research and planning, the members of any household can decorate a magnificent and creative Christmas tree that will enrich their holiday experience and delight their guests.  We suggest you to use best christmas tree storage bag with wheels to keep your tree save for next year. Tree storage will able to save money and able you use it again and again.