Creative Instagram Posts

How frequently do you share content on Instagram? Two times a week or three times?

Well, as per a report, the average business posts content four times a week. Nearly 90% of the top brands around the globe consider Instagram as an essential part of their marketing strategy. In this article, we shall see seven creative ways for your feed on Instagram.

#1. Sneak-peak of Behind-the-Scenes

Humanizing your brand is an act of portraying your business to come alive. It enables your audience to establish a genuine and trustworthy relationship with your brand—the best way to achieve it is by posting behind-the-business scenes.

Make use of real pictures of people who work at your place. Remember your content must be truthful and transparent. Capture video content that speaks about team members, business culture, etc. Suppose if you are practicing for an upcoming event or simply a picture of your friend drinking using a funny mug, you will surely grab attention and know what you are and your business. An artificial-looking image in a cozy office might look fake. Try to show your workspace as it is, natural! Hence, make sure you share authentic, fun, and friendly content.

#2. Ask Questions

People love to share opinions. You could ask them questions to get thoughts or feedback.

The query must be related to your brand. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, you could ask your customer about their favorite flavor or coffee blend. If you run a gym business, you might ask about workout routines.

The response you receive from the audience gives you valuable insights about them; it may even help you develop great ideas for future posts. The best part here is the audience love telling about their views and opinions.

Ask them simple queries that don’t need much thinking. Also, motivate them to tag friends, which lets you gain extra engagement.

#3. Post Inspirational Quote

Wisdom quotes are inspiring! It is a perfect way to showcase your brand. Make sure to post quotes that inspire your followers. It could be from a famous writer, entrepreneur, or philosopher. Rather than adding the quote in the caption, you could include them in the photo itself, making it easier for the audience to share around.

Creating a text-based picture could be the most accessible post idea to complement your posts. No matter who your audience is or what business you run, using quotes lets you convey messages and emotions to your audience and increases engagement.

With text-based posts, the possibilities are never-ending. It could be humorous, emotional, informative, or just an excellent text. The best thing here is that any business could use this idea relevant to their brand or company.

#4. Share a Tutorial Video Clip

One of the great ways to gain traction is by posting tutorials or how-to videos that add value to the content. Suppose your niche is beauty, health, or food & beverages, then your chances are high. Besides, in other niches, you would be amazed to know whatever ideas you have that you could post with your audience. Video clips do wonders, although photos with attractive captions also perform well.

#5. Use the Humor Element

Adding the essence of humor to your content benefits your brand making it eye-catchy and memorable. If you could make them laugh, your content is likely to be shared by hundreds and thousands of people, which helps get automatic Instagram likes, meaning your content gets broadcasted onto the explore page and drives enormous sales. Be sure not to share outdated content. The online world considers it an offense to post an old meme. Ensure to stay updated with their likes and what makes them interested the most.

#6. Run an Ask Me Anything Session

Ask me anything that lets you get connected with your audience directly. Questions could be from any preferred topic; there is no restriction, provided it engages them and starts a conversation. For that, you need to post asking them to share questions in the comments. You could answer them all in the comments section or make a separate video.

#7. Host Giveaway or Contest

Giveaways and Contests perform right on the platform. Hosting contests enables you to build your following and takes your products to the right audience. Bear in mind to mention GIVEAWAY in captions or pictures you share and the prizes you will offer. For even more participation and engagement, you could consider placing a link in the bio.


So, you have to make sure to listen to your audience by asking questions, encouraging comments, etc., to get them engaged. Show them the human side of your brand and stay authentic. These seven post ideas focus mainly on having a solid relationship with your audience, which is necessary for business growth. Make the best use of it!

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