Common gutter problems: How regular cleaning can help prevent them

Clean gutters are a very crucial part of home maintenance. They will help the roof, siding and foundation last much longer.

The process of gutter cleaning is dirty and difficult. However, it needs to be done at least a year. The signs of a clog can be challenging to spot. Hence, it is vital to clear your gutters annually to prevent water damage.

Why does having a clean gutter matter?

Knowing how to clean your gutters will help your roof reach its full potential, and a backup of rainwater slowly helps deteriorate your roof and allows your gutter to sag. It also detaches the eaves. Cleaning gutters also help to prevent ice dams in winter, where water trapped in the gutter freezes and expands under the shingles. It damages the underlying roof. 

What does one need to clean gutters?

A simple ladder and gloves will get one through most of the gutter-cleaning job. One should also make sure that they wear eye protection while pressure washing to avoid any kind of accidents. Before setting out to clean the gutters, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment-

  • A sturdy ladder
  • Small hand towel.
  • A garden hose.
  • Cleaning solution
  • Eye protection.

Following are some gutter cleaning tips-

Practice ladder safety.

Securing your ladder is one of the most essential safety tips. It is crucial to choose a sturdy, durable ladder when cleaning the gutter. It is also important to ask one of the family members to hold the ladder as it could be shaky sometimes, depending on the weather conditions. Many people make use of water and white vinegar for the cleaning of the outside of the gutter. 

Follow a regular schedule.

Gutters need cleaning twice a year. It needs cleaning once before the leaves fall and once after it. Landscaping around the home makes a very big difference. A home which is surrounded by many trees may need the gutters cleaned almost four to six times a year. It is important to send reminders on the phone and write down a reminder on a calendar.

Gutters are not draining or clogged gutters.

The most common problem one sees with gutters is clogging. When the water cannot pass through properly, it can cause problems with your foundation. This is why it is crucial to keep the gutters clean. One should stick to maintenance programs to keep the gutters free of debris. It might vary depending on the climate one lives in. However, it is a perfect idea to clear them out late in the fall and ensure they are clear for the April showers.

If you deal with extra debris, you can also look at installing covers. These can be pretty expensive and require maintenance. Many people avail of the services of Melbourne Gutter cleaning experts, a cleaning company that provides clients different types of gutter cleaning services.

Sagging gutters.

If your gutters are clogged up with huge amounts of debris such as leaves and twigs, overflowing water is not the only problem one will have to face. The weight from the debris also causes the gutters to sag. It is usually caused by the loose hangers that pull out when they cannot hold the extra weight. One can often fix this by simply tightening the screws again. It could be caused by the hangers being spaced too far apart. In this case, one needs to install new ones.

Leaks and holes.

If one tends to notice a stream of water pouring down from the middle of the gutter, it is very much likely that the gutters have a sprung leak. The leaks and holes can happen quickly and are usually pretty simple to fix. One can use gutter sealant for caulking the seams to repair leaky seams. The larger holes will need to be patched. Patching kits are very easily found at most hardware stores, and they are also effortless to use. One should just make sure that when they are patching a hole, they are using the same material as the gutter to patch it.

Damaged gutters.

Gutter damage can happen in other ways. The main culprit is the weather. During a huge rainstorm, the gutters can be knocked down. Thus, fixing them might be like rehanging them. One might need to replace certain sections. In this case, there is not much one can do to prevent it. One should just make sure that they are properly installed and are not loose.

Improperly pitched gutters.

For the water to flow properly, gutters need to be angled correctly. The slope should sit at the perfect angle. This angle is at least a quarter inch for every 10 feet of gutter. If one thinks gutters might not be pitched properly, it is easy to tell. One should just get on a ladder and if one sees the standing water, one should adjust the pitch. Sometimes, it is as easy as bending it into the place. However, one might need to totally reinstall the hangers, and this is a much bigger job.

An inadequate gutter system.

Some houses do not have gutters at all, which can cause all kinds of problems. It is very crucial to have a proper/streamlined system in place to help prevent damage to your siding and foundation during the rainstorms. If you need new gutters, it is best to get them professionally installed. 

Trim or cut down the trees near the roofline.

It is important to trim branches and trees near the roofline to prevent the leaves and debris from falling into the gutters. The wind carries the debris into the gutters no matter what one does. Maintaining the landscaping can reduce the number of times you need to pull out debris.

Invest in the right tools.

The traditional method of cleaning a gutter is sometimes the best route. If you are going to do it, it is important to make use of the right equipment to keep the gutters safe.