Cloud Based Application Vs Desktop Based Application

When you will start managing a business then you will have to make many important decisions regarding your business. And all these decisions will impact the performance, growth, and sustainability of your company. Whether to keep IT infrastructure management in-house or opt for managed IT service providers, whether to hire remote employees or hire employees locally, whether to use Facebook or Instagram for ad campaigns, all these decisions will shape the future of your business. Most of the business owners take ample amount of time in making the right decision and this is how they make sure that they don’t go wrong with their choice or selection. The same goes for how you use your business application as well.

You should know that there are basically two ways you can use business applications; either by using the traditional way of installing the application on the desktop and the other one is by hosting the application on the cloud platform of the cloud hosting provider. Well, there is no denial in the fact that if you want to match the pace with the modern era, then you will have to use cloud based applications like QuickBooks hosting. But still, there are many businesses that use desktop based applications and this is the main reason why they are not able to get expected results from their efforts.

Well, in this blog post, we are going to compare both the ways of using business application and at the end, you will realize why cloud based application is much better than desktop based application and it will also make you realize what you have been missing by confining yourself to desktop based application.


When you will be using desktop based application then you will always be restricted to your office desktop for accessing your application. You should know that in the desktop based application, you can use the software solution on only those office desktops on which you have installed the software. This is what confines your accessibility when you use desktop based application. You will always have to return to your office in order to access your books or any other file and this doesn’t only hamper your productivity but it also makes you less reliable in the market.

But when it comes to cloud based application then there is no limit to accessibility. Using the cloud based solution means that you can access your data and your software solution from any corner of the world. You just need to enter your credential and you are ready to go. The software is basically shifted on the cloud platform of the cloud hosting platform and that’s how it becomes accessible from everywhere. You can use any device with internet access like mobile, tablet or laptop in order to access your software and this is what makes cloud based application much superior than desktop based application.


Data is one of the most precious assets owned by any company and if it is sensitive business data then things become more important. When you will be using desktop based application then you will always be prone to data theft. You might be thinking that your local hardware is the safest place to keep your sensitive business data but that is not true. Even a normal person or we can say beginner hacker can easily breach in your office desktop and steal your data without any hassle. So by using desktop based application, you make your data vulnerable to safety risks.

But you get an ultra-secure platform to work on when you start using cloud based application. You should know that cloud comes with various security layers and this is what makes cloud a much safer platform then desktop based application. Multi-factor authentication, encrypted data, anti-virus system, these are some of the most common advantages of using cloud based application.


If you will stay dependent upon your legacy desktop based application then you will always have to deal with downtime. You should know that the hardware system is always prone to issues and that’s why they lead to an interruption in your regular business operation. When dealing with desktop based application, businesses face huge downtime throughout the year and that affects their productivity as well as the continuity of the business.

But when you will start using cloud based application then you will realize what you have been missing in terms of uptime. You should know that there are many cloud hosting providers in the market that offer 99.99% of high uptime. Such a high uptime will allow you to maintain the continuity of your business and you will also be able to increase your productivity without dealing with downtimes on a daily basis.

So, now you must have realized why cloud based application is better than desktop based application. If you are still using desktop based application then it’s high time to move to the cloud platform.

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