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The E-Commerce marketplace has become the favorite shopping spot for users in this 21st century. Apps like Amazon provides an open platform for buyers to shop at their convenience and sellers to sell their products. If you think what’s in it for business, well, then you’ve got to read further.

From a business perspective, the eCommerce marketplace allows you to partner with multiple vendors and sell products. By this, it opens doors for generating revenue from various streams. Are you a business owner interested in venturing into the eCommerce space? You’re at the right point.

So now, in this blog, we shall take a peek at the road you need to take for launching a successful eCommerce marketplace business.

What Do the Numbers Talk of the eCommerce Business?

Before getting your hands-on Amazon clone app development, it is vital to know about the scope of the ecommerce industry. That’s what is coming for you below.

  • In 2020, the global eCommerce sales accounted for 4.28 trillion US dollars, and the figures are likely to grow and reach 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022.
  • As digital buyers are increasing day by day, global e-retail sales accounted for 18% of the total retail sales in 2020. This number is expected to touch 21.8% in 2024.
  • The number of global digital buyers rose from 1.66 billion in 2026 to 2.14 billion in 2021.


From these stats, it is obvious that online shopping will continue to remain popular in the future. Thereby, it also increases the need for a reliable eCommerce app like Amazon. So are you ready to get started with the business?

How To Design Your eCommerce Ecosystem?

To provide a fulfilling shopping experience to your customers, your app should contain all the necessary features of an eCommerce store. These features are going to aid your customers in shopping and earn you profits.

Aspects To Consider In Your Amazon Clone Script

  • User-friendly website: While designing the website, ensure it covers all the design elements such as easy login, advanced search, and a great user interface. It corresponds to the customer’s shopping experience and satisfaction.
  • Mobile apps: Reports show that, on average, 18-25-year-old people spend approximately 90 hours a month on mobile phones. So launching your Amazon clone in app stores drives more customers for your business.
  • Wide range of products: If your website provides a diverse range of products, customers wouldn’t have the need to go to alternate sites for purchasing specific items. For this, you can partner with multiple stores and list their offerings in your Amazon clone.
  • Shipping and Delivery options: Provide multiple delivery options like basic, standard, premium, from which the customers can choose based on their urgency to receive orders. Additionally, you can include flexible delivery timing as per the preference of the customer.
  • Convenient payments: The best strategy to retain customers to your business is by offering multiple payment options. Cashless transactions along with cash-on-delivery options facilitate ease of payments.
  • Customer support: It is the key component in any eCommerce business. If the customer has any issues in purchasing or returning products, you must ensure they find the right kind of support from your side.

Advanced Feature Set To Enhance Customer Experience

As there are many similar apps in the market, there should be some X-factor in your app that makes customers want to use your app. Let us see some innovative ideas that can be the X-factor of your app.

  • AR and VR: By integrating augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, you can enable users to try out the product on themselves virtually, like sunglasses, accessories, etc. If the customer wants to look at how the item fits in their home space, they can use AR technology and look at the product preview in the home space.

These tech features help users make better decisions before they make the purchase.

  • Chatbots: Using chatbots, you can answer mundane and basic customer queries, thereby it extends your support to the users.
  • Voice search: Voice options make it easy for customers to search or get product-related details without having to type manually.

Monetisation Ideas

As mentioned in the beginning, it offers chances to make multi-fold profits by various means. Some of the most common ones are,

  • Commission: For every purchase that happens in the app platform, the app owner can earn a commission from the seller.
  • Subscription: You can give different subscription plans on an annual or monthly basis that could enable customers to enjoy special privileges. It also adds revenue to your pocket.
  • Flat rate: Sellers can pay a fee to the app owner for each product purchased or pay a fixed monthly fee. 

Wrapping Up,

Building an Amazon clone app development comes with its own set of challenges, and that is why you need to adopt the proper strategies right from research to development. Also, you need a proficient app development partner that can implement your ideas in the most appropriate way. A combination of these two is sure to take off your business to greater heights.

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