Can You Add Spray Foam Insulation Yourself?

A fantastic approach to cut costs and lessen the environmental effect of heating and powering your house is to make it more energy-efficient. There are several efficient ways to prevent heat loss in homes that include insulation. One of them, spray foam insulation, may be the best option for your house due to several advantages.

Many individuals ask if they can install spray foam insulation themselves rather than engaging a professional in today’s culture of do-it-yourself home remodeling. The main issue is whether you should apply spray foam insulation yourself rather than if you can.

Read the following responses to frequently asked questions regarding spray foam self-installation before making your decision:

Can I spray foam without removing drywall 

We frequently get inquiries concerning spray foam, including whether it may be applied to already-existing walls. The answer is true, but you must remove the drywall to install the foam.

When spray foam is put on the interior of walls, it quickly expands. The average expanding spray foam can might overfill the panel and put pressure against the interior of the plasterboard if you try to install the insulation without first removing any drywall. The drywall may shatter or split as a result.

As you can see, removing the drywall is essential before applying spray foam insulation. Of course, you can remove drywall by yourself, but it takes a lot of time and is filthy. Hiring a professional home insulation company for the initial removal and installation may be more expensive. Still, skilled technicians will know exactly how much drywall needs to be removed and where, allowing you to reap the benefits of the insulation’s full potential with minimal effort, inconvenience, or expense.

Fiberglass insulation is an alternative to spray foam that requires less drywall removal. Our crew makes many strategically placed holes in the existing wall in key locations, after which we densely pack the fiberglass. This is the only method of putting insulation that has worked for us.

Can you spray foam over your existing insulation?

The reasons for installing spray foam insulation in the walls without removing the drywall have already been discussed. Do you need to remove the current insulation after removing the drywall? Can’t the spaces produced by aging or deteriorated insulation be filled with spray foam?

Yes, is the response. You can spray over the existing insulation if it’s in good shape and can do with an increased R-value. In the case that the existing insulation is in poor condition, it has to be removed before the new one can be installed. 

This is why there is a market for wholesale spray foam insulation kits. Many homeowners want a quick, easy, hassle-free project but do not recognize that these kits do the opposite of what they’re supposed to. 

Most of the time, homeowners want to upgrade or replace existing fiberglass or another type of insulation. Although extremely sticky, spray foam does not attach well to fiberglass insulation. Mixing the two types of insulation lessens the efficacy because the continuous barrier that the spray foam creates must properly fill holes in the old fiberglass insulation.

The main benefits of spray foam insulation thus suffer. The capacity of the foam to resist heat transfer and moisture can both be severely impacted by gaps in the material. If the walls are not adequately insulated, water vapor can accumulate. This can lead to mold growth, even in Colorado’s dry environment.

Your home loses value due to mold. You and your family are also at risk for several health issues.

Removing the old insulation must be done first, regardless of whether you decide to insulate your home yourself or pay a professional to do it. If you choose the DIY route, the extra time you spend on this task will more than be repaid by the efficacy of the new insulation and the money you save on energy costs.


One of the most common questions asked on Google is, ‘Can I do spray foam insulation myself in my home.’ This is because homeowners are looking to cut costs wherever they can. This is commendable however, what they don’t take into account is the fact that spray foam insulation takes a proper preparation time and needs a professional application otherwise, the consequences can be hazardous for the home. In short, stay away from wholesale spray foam insulation cans and kits. 

This is why Zavza Seal LLC has been in the contracting business for 20+ years and has helped hundreds of homes across Long Island with their spray foam application and problems. Contact Zavza Seal to learn more about spray foam insulation. You can call them today and get a free estimate on their services.