Can We Do Qurbani On Behalf Of Others?

Can We Do Qurbani On Behalf Of Others?

Muslims across the globe commemorate the event of Eid-ul Adha in the remembrance of the supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) to show their total submission and gratitude towards Allah (S.W.T). The act of offering sacrifice is called Qurbani in Islamic terminology, and it involves animal sacrifice.

Qurbani falls in the category of the religious obligations that Islam has defined for its followers with a certain set of terms and conditions. Moreover, Islam has also categorized some of the rituals, like paying Zakat and Hajj, obligatory either once in a lifetime or every year throughout your life. Similarly, Qurbani for the will of Allah is an obligation to be followed by every financially stable Muslim adult. However, questions and queries revolving Qurbani are entirely different from the frequently asked questions in other Islamic practices. Umrah is also an important Islamic practice which is being practiced in Mecca and with the help of Umrah Packages All-inclusive. Like, one may not ask if he or she can offer a prayer or pay zakat on behalf of others, however, one can ask; “can we do Qurbani on behalf of others”? Read below for the answer!!

Before going down to the nitty-gritty of addressing the question in concern, we need to divide the question into different sub-parts. This is likely to cover many other dimensions of the Qurbani related concerns. Hopefully, reading the sub-parts of the topic will clear all your ambiguities. Experience it yourself by giving the article a brief overview.

Can We Do Qurbani On Behalf Of The Deceased? – Qurbani For The Dead (Udhiyah)

This Holy act of Qurbani has incredible prizes. Consequently, individuals usually give Qurbani for the sake of their dead guardians or elders, which is admissible. They carry out this as a deed on the behalf of the dead. However, this act of offering Qurbani on behalf of the dead is only permissible under specific terms. The basis on which you can do this is the condition that you are offering a Qurbani for yourself as well. Some people associate the Qurbani they are offering to their deceased parents, relatives, and others but they do not one for their own. In such a case, the sacred act of Qurbani is likely to be accepted for the deceased ones. Yet, Islamic scholars and jurisprudence experts of almost all schools of thought have expressed concerns for the one who is doing Qurbani on behalf of the deceased, but not for him. So, it should be carried out for both. In this way, the Qurbani for both the living and the deceased is acceptable.

On the contrary, there is another important dimension of the question in concern. According to Shaafi school of thought (followers of Imam Shaafi), it is not permissible to offer sacrifice on behalf of the dead if there is no written permission handed over to the descendants of the deceased by the person himself before his/her death. Scholars of this school believe that to offer sacrifice on behalf of the dead is not admissible unless the permission is enshrined in the official will of the deceased. Plus, they also emphasize that the will in concern shall be verified by the legal authorities before offering the act of sacrifice on behalf of the deceased parent, guardian, or any other relative.

Can We Do Qurani On Behalf Family Members?

According to the vast majority of scholars, a person, including a child, cannot sacrifice on behalf of his parents or others. However, the person may perform this obligatory duty for the whole family. Islamic scholars are also of the view that it is not necessary for everyone in the family to offer sacrifice. It is enough to sacrifice a single animal on behalf of an entire family. What forms the foundation of this perspective is the narration by the wife of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H); Hazrat Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) sacrificed a goat on behalf of himself and his family. This is further confirmed by a report on the authority of Abu Ayyub, the Prophet’s companion:

“During the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) it was customary for a person to sacrifice a lamb on behalf of himself and his family; he would feed his family as well as others from its meat.”

In brief, Qurbani offered on behalf of the entire family by the guardians or parents shall be accepted, and it is also sufficient to offer a single animal to fulfill the sacred act of the Qurbani.

Is It Right To Pay Your Relative, Friend, Or Any Other Organization To Offer Qurbani On Your Behalf?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions that whether it is permissible for an individual, living in a remote area or some foreign country, to pay his/her relatives, friends, or any other organization to carry out the Holy duty of sacrifice on their behalf. In this case, the person on whose behalf the Qurbani is to be carried out needs to verify the credibility of the recipient side, either it is a friend or organization. Experts normally recommend that it is appropriate to give this responsibility to the organization authorized by the state authorities. Though relatives or friends can also undertake this responsibility, yet they need to strictly follow the protocols prescribed by the Islamic Jurisprudence experts in this regard.

Qurbani On Behalf Of Those Who Cannot Afford?

According to Imam Al-Tabarani (260 A.H) of Hanbali school of thought, Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to sacrifice for the believers who were unable to carry out the obligation of their own because of financial constraints. After fulfilling his commitment, the Prophet (PBUH) gave an extra Qurbani for the sake of the Muslims who couldn’t stand to do so. However, some schools strictly adhere to the opinion that Qurbani is only for those who can afford and shall not be offered on behalf of the poor rather it’s merely the proportion of the meet that is to be distributed among poor and needy. Qurbani is the important factor of Hajj and Umrah. Trusted Hajj Umrah Travel Agency in Uk can include Qurbani Animal to your Hajj or Umrah Packages. Hope we have addressed all your concerns!! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries. May Allah invigorate us to follow his orders and acknowledge them as our deeds! Ameen!