Broadening Horizons- Five Ways to Improve Compatibility for Different Jobs

Innovative business models are creating new jobs. Many of these do not require particular training or experience; you don’t even need to be a university graduate. However, studies show that not everybody can thrive well in these work opportunities despite the flexible criteria for hiring, and even the generous compensation.

However, if you are keen on improving your compatibility for various job positions and you are open to exploring new fields, there are ways for you to shape up and become a good match for them. The top recruitment consultants in the UAE share the following tips:

1. Broaden your experience through volunteer work.

Volunteer work may require specific skills and training, but quite often, you need to be prepared to work on various aspects of the program that are different from what you’re trained to do. The “all hands on deck” approach of volunteer programs requires the willingness to help out in whatever areas require your efforts.

This can help you become familiar with how goals are accomplished in particular departments of the organization. This is a fantastic educational opportunity which will help you to not only increase your understanding, but also learn how to perform new tasks. All of these can increase your skills and improve your ability to contribute to new processes.

2. Learn a foreign language.

Globalization is often one of the primary goals of any business organization. Therefore, whatever your skill set is or whatever the nature of the job you are eyeing may be, it would work to your great advantage to know how to speak a foreign language fluently. English, of course, is a must, but consider other widely spoken languages as well such as Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese.

Also, if you would check out the latest jobs listed on recruitment websites and classified ads, you will notice that a number of them require bilingual or multilingual talents. This is because more and more companies are looking for economical solutions for operations. These solutions include setting up headquarters in a country where business overhead expenses are typically lower, or outsourcing tasks abroad to multilingual workers through a work-at-home system.

So, consider taking foreign language courses during your free time and automatically increase your job opportunities.

3. Take leadership training.

Every business organization has leadership positions. But whatever your job may be, you can benefit immensely from picking up leadership skills and values. Therefore, do consider taking a leadership course. This is an excellent way to prepare for tasks that will require you to take on the role of a mover and shaker and to manage groups of people.

In addition to that, if you possess and display leadership qualities, you can set yourself apart and make yourself an eligible candidate for bigger and better positions in the company. Plus, when organizations have new endeavors that need people who possess this strong sense of accountability and can influence others, you can place yourself in a solid position for consideration.

4. Keep up with technology.

There’s no denying that advancements in technology are changing the way businesses operate. These create new job positions and responsibilities.

For instance, the popularity of social media, which has prompted businesses to set up their own social media accounts, has created this relatively new work title called “social media manager.” This is the individual who monitors the different activities across various social media channels. Keeping up with social media technology and knowing how it extensively works can make you suitable for such a job.

It’s a similar situation with app creation technology. Learning this will allow you to develop your own apps that can serve the goals of any organization. Indeed, technological knowledge translates to power, and there are so many ways that it can improve your chances of landing a job (even one that you didn’t study for in university).

5. Work on your physical health.

Being in great physical health is a must for all job positions. It may not be listed as a quality to possess by hiring companies, but it is a quality that is deemed necessary.

A report shared by the World Economic Forum reveals that 45 percent of employers say that they are less likely to hire candidates with health problems. In the corporate realm, where the environment is ferociously competitive, employers want to be secure in the knowledge that the people they hire are physically capable of performing well at work and building a strong relationship with the company over the long term.

Suffice it to say, if you wish to ensure higher success in pursuing job positions, being in good health and shape will be to your huge benefit.

Increasing your value as a worker is definitely a must in a highly competitive pursuit of jobs. So, continue to find ways to acquire more skills and develop your personality. Imbibe a culture of learning and study, and make sure to stay in the pink of health. These are the most reliable ways to expand your opportunities for getting hired.


David Mackenzie, a recruitment professional with over 20 years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones. As the Group MD, David is responsible for the overall direction of the Mackenzie Jones Group, including Mackenzie Jones, MumsAtWork, MENA Solutions, Simply Digital and ThinkTech.

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