Top 10 Best Yoga Poses For Beginners Step By Step


Before starting your day, whether it is after getting up from the bed or lifting weights, your body needs to be stretched. It is as important as eating. However, yoga is indirectly in our daily routine when we stretch in a certain position. All the beginners of the yoga, the first thing that you need to bring in your concentration is the skills of strength, flexibility, and balance in the body and mind both. Sometimes, it has been found that people have no time for performing yoga, but it would be amazing to practice at least 10 to 15 minutes daily to stretches the back, and hips. It will definitely maintain the plan that will keep you running smoothly all day like the cotton clothing at Mens Varsity Jacket.

If you want to make a routine of yoga and worried about the posses that will help you to get the best workout, then just roll down and get top best yoga poses for beginners. You just have to check all the posses gradually and try it to feel mentally fresh.


The mountain pose is the best yoga position for beginners and is highly effective for building strength and balance. The value of this pose is representing the strength of the mountain that is tall, unrelenting and undefeated. It gives the warm-up stretch from head to toe.


Your next step should jump into the tree pose by lifting the left leg and placing it on the inner right thigh. What you have to do is balance your body and mind until your body stands. Focus on the breathe and lift both of your arms above and take a proper position of Yoga.


The downward facing dog is one of the most amazing poses that has been found many of the beginners doing it. You have to pull yourself into an Inverted-V position and feel a careful stretch and tone in the spine, legs, calves, and cramps. This pose gives building strength and balance.


Next pose is the warrior that is good to stretch the spine, hips, and legs, and it will keep you mentally fresh. It can apply for the beginners; the pose is going to fill your mind and body with elegance, strength, and stability. It is the great stretchable yoga exercise that everyone can comfortably do it.


One of the best poses of yoga is Trikonasana (triangle) that will give rise to an instant surge of energy and beneficial for promoting deep breathing. It is not only good for stretching the parts of the body but also build a great concentration.


Posing like you are sitting on a chair but there is nothing over there is one of the best examples of yoga. You might feel some pain, but you don’t have to lose the balance. Once you will perform it perfectly, you will enjoy doing this activity.


The cobra pose is also known to be the best yoga activity that you can perform easily as beginners. Rest on the mat on your stomach and raise the upper body to stretch it comfortably. You have to close your eyes and remain in the pose for a few seconds for complete relaxation of the mind.


The cobbler’s pose is really easy and great to do whenever you want. You have to sit on a mat like a cobbler and unite your feet with each other. An excellent pose is good for the muscles to strengthen. You have to keep your body straight and balance so that you can enjoy the relaxation.


This pose will allow you to relax like a child by enjoying a child’s pose in yoga. It will not only relax your body but mind as well. So, keep enjoying the amazing tricks of the yoga that will give you the amazing feeling the whole day.

Lastly, let your mind, body, and soul relax while doing yoga with corpse pose. It is a great yoga for all the age people who need to feel fresh and relax all day.

There are 300 positions in physical Yoga practice, but above-shown poses can be the starter that will bring you to the right path. If you will do each one for 5-10 minutes, then it will help you to be a great beginner’s yoga performer of every day.