Best Vacation Ideas for Your Honeymoon


Even during the quarantine period, people find each other on the best online dating sites, arrange dates, get married and try to travel. As for the honeymoon ideas, COVID-19 makes it a little bit challenging but real.

Sea or ocean? Monuments and architecture or natural beauty? Comfort or extreme? We will tell you about the places where you can go on a honeymoon trip to take a break from the bustle of the wedding alone with each other. In our article, you can choose honeymoon ideas during a pandemic that are right for you. Let’s dive in!

Island for two

The island is a good idea for those newlyweds who love silence, nature, and azure beaches.


Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cheap honeymoon ideas is the Maldives. It will appeal to those who prefer a measured rhythm and a relaxing holiday. It is a great place to relax after your wedding day.

What to do on the islands except for swimming and basking in the sun? Meet angelfish, dolphins, and whale sharks. Yes, seeing the underwater world on a dive tour in the Maldives is a must. If you don’t feel like diving, rent a glass-bottom boat or yacht, get to a desert island and have a picnic there. The Maldives consists of 2,000 islands – you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a new one every time.



Rainforests, volcanoes, ancient temples, and, of course, beaches – this is all Bali. This island is suitable for those who want to dilute an exclusive beach holiday with something exciting. Here you can try scuba diving, get on a surfboard, travel around the area on a moped, relax in the spa and take a selfie against the backdrop of antiquities.

Dominican Republic

A honeymoon trip to the Dominican Republic promises activities for every taste: sandy beaches, tours, exotic cuisine, walks, diving, and even mountain climbing. While resting in the Dominican Republic, explore Haiti far and wide: visit the Cibao Valley, where tropical plants grow, the Boca Chica coast with its coral reefs – the beaches here are considered the best in the Caribbean. Fans of outdoor activities can test their strengths in rock climbing and conquering the Pico Duarte.

Honey Eurotrip

If your honeymoon ideas are not associated with beaches, you can go on a honeymoon trip to Europe.


Ride a gondola on the Grand Canal, kiss on the Bridge of Sighs, dine at the oldest cafe Florian and chase pigeons in Piazza San Marco. If you feel like going to the beach, take the train to the fabulous coast of Tuscany.


The capital of Portugal is captivated by the architecture of the Romantic era, contrasting colors, and the friendliness of the Portuguese. Unesco heritage is everywhere. Visit the Jeronimos Monastery, the old districts of Bairro Alto, Marquis de Pombal.


Lovers of European style and honeymoon location ideas should buy tickets to Prague. The list of monuments is long: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town, but in between visiting them, you can have time to go to an opera or an extravagant restaurant. Night walks on the glittering cobbled pavements and long kisses under vintage street lamps are magic.


You can rush away from all worries and problems to the most romantic city in the world – Paris. Try endlessly kissing under the Eiffel Tower, eating croissants with coffee in cozy cafes, and playing hide and seek in the endless corridors of the old city streets. Moreover, in this city, every minute will be filled with adventure: at noon, you can feed the swans in the parks of Monceau and Buttes Chaumont or the Tuileries Gardens, and after dinner, you can admire the sunset on the deck of a yacht swaying on the waves of the Seine.

Holidays in Asia for lovers of exotic

Asia is famous for its unusual cuisine, exotic fruits, bustling markets, magnificent beaches, hot weather, ancient, beautiful places, and many tours around them. In any Asian country, you can try unique honeymoon ideas, as there is everything for a great vacation.


It is one of the oldest countries in the world. Deserts, various religions, jungles, beaches, open-air discos – you will find all this in the country of contrasts.

The best time is December to February, so we recommend choosing this period for a honeymoon trip. But in the period from April to October it is very hot in India, so we recommend that you refrain from visiting at this time.


It is a mysterious country that has everything for relaxation and a honeymoon. Try interesting tours to palaces and temples and the cities of Japan, magnificent beach holidays and modern ski resorts, beautiful nature, and parks. And also, in Japan, there is very tasty food that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The season here is from October to May. It is better not to visit this country during the summer months, as it rains from June to July, and it is very hot in August and September.


The wonderful “country of a thousand smiles” is how the mysterious and enchanting Thailand is called. Many newlyweds choose it for their trip. There you will find active and interesting tours, ancient temples, azure water, sandy beaches, various fruits, exotic cuisine, and friendly residents. All this will not leave any couple indifferent.

Honeymoon Couple


It has become popular as a part of honeymoon ideas during quarantine and has already conquered many people with exoticism and beauty.

Beach holidays here last all year round but in different areas. From April to the end of September, you can safely relax in the central part of the country – Nha Trang, and in the winter months, Phu Quoc and Phan Thiet will gladly welcome you.


Temples, beautiful landscapes, beaches, exotic food, all this awaits you in this wonderful Asian country.

The beach season here lasts all year round, and, accordingly, in Malaysia, the weather is always hot and humid.


We have told you about the traditional islands, and other honeymoon ideas to do that will give you an amazing experience. You can go to these places not only right after the wedding because the romance does not end with the honeymoon. During the honeymoon, every couple can find a vacation to their liking, from extreme sports to relaxation in the beach spa and fantastic budget-friendly honeymoon ideas. Plan your honeymoon trip and be happy!

What kind of vacation do you and your partner prefer? Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?