Best NYC neighborhoods for singles

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Is there a better city in the world for singles than the one they call “The city never sleeps?” The city full of people from all over the world who want to make it there will give you the opportunities that many people dream of. The best parties, hottest DJs at the moment and the most popular artists give you many events to attend. So, you could definitely say that there’s no better place to meet many interesting people and have fun. But, NYC is a very big city, so the location of your new home is very important. So, let’s see what the best NYC neighborhoods for singles are. Living in one these will really allow you to get the most of your life here.

Best NYC neighborhoods for singles

Let’s just face it – NYC is an expensive city, especially if you’re going to live all by yourself. You can, of course, share your room with someone, or pay the rent all by yourself. But, being single, you probably want to move somewhere close to bars, clubs, and exciting venues. Or, you actually prefer taking a walk in Central park? Either way, while moving is easy with reliable movers like IPS NYC Movers, paying the cost of living in NYC isn’t that easy. And that’s mostly due to the higher rent in hot neighborhoods. That’s why you should consider living in one of the following neighborhoods. It will give you all that you need at a relatively low price of housing. And that’s one of the most important things when choosing your neighborhood for your life as a single person.

Lower East Side

This neighborhood offers a lot of events, such as exhibitions, street fares, and other events that include free wine and art-oriented people. Also, homes are not as expensive as it used to be, the median home price is near 1 million dollars. Also, if you’re a foreigner, don’t worry about i. A lot of Chinese and Puerto Rican people came here, looking for their place in the sun. And there’s just enough room for everyone. There are a lot of building here, not more than five stories tall, giving everyone a piece of their own space.

NYC buildings and a clock
There is time and place for everything in NYC


Williamsburg was becoming more and more popular. The “hip” neighborhood is full of crazy nightlife. Famous DJs and artists come to venues in Williamsburg to perform. And the people living here are between 20-35 years, meaning that it’s definitely the place for young people. On top of that, more than half of the population here identify as single. If you into social life and parties than this the neighborhood for you. However, after the train shutdown, the prices seem to be dropping, so you might want to you that to your advantage.


Greenpoint is just north of Williamsburg, which is the “hip” place. Comparing to other boroughs close to the East River, Greenpoint is much calmer. But, why should you choose Greenpoint instead of Williamsburg?

  • It’s calmer than Williamsburg.
  • The price of an apartment in Greenpoint seems to be dropping, so you can get a home here at a much lower price than in the previous years.
  • It has great places where you can find Polish food, amazing pizza and one of the best donut shops.
Greenpoint, one of the best NYC neighborhoods for singles
Greenpoint is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for singles

But, getting to Greenpoint can be tricky on weekends and on nights, so have that in mind when choosing this neighborhood.


Astoria has a great location, being not too far away from Midtown Manhattan. In addition to this, you can get quite easily to LaGuardia Airport from Astoria. But why is this such a good neighborhood for singles? Well, there are so many different dates you and your partner can have here in Astoria.

  • For starters, you can meet your partner in one of many different places for clubbing and socializing here, a lot of different bars.
  • Going out on dinner will never get boring with your partner since you can try so many foods here, Russian cuisine, Greek or African.
  • It’s not too expensive to find a home here since the prices are quite affordable.

Upper East Side

While the median home price has been dropping, it’s still more expensive than in Brooklyn. The public transport connection is great in the Upper East Side. On top of that, there’s great access to many parks, like Central Park. And why not visit the Met Museum of Art for your first date? So, if the first thing you think about the Upper East Side is rich people and Trump Tower, think twice. Other than just having nice places for a date, a lot of singles come here on Upper East Side. Also, did you know that women have been the majority of the population in the Upper East Side for years now? The neighborhood is very safe, so if you don’t meet anyone, you can walk the streets by yourself and talk to bartenders in one of many bars in this neighborhood.

Central Park
Central Park is one of the best places for meeting people

West Village

The cobblestone streets with small houses in West Village look very romantic. These lovely, yet quite streets can motivate you to find a partner and go for a night walk. And this neighborhood is not only beautiful, but it’s quite affordable for singles. And that’s especially surprising, considering West Village is a part of Manhattan, more precisely, the western part of Greenwich Village. It definitely is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for singles.

Choosing among the best NYC neighborhoods for singles?

Not all single people are the same. Some of them like visiting cultural events and drinking free wine and meeting people. Others like partying all night long. Others just like walking in parks and meeting someone there. So don’t go for stereotypes, when choosing among the best NYC neighborhoods for singles. Other than focusing on being single, choose the neighborhood according to your lifestyle. The fact that you’re single only means that it might be cheaper to have a roommate. So choose wisely and enjoy your life in one of the best cities in the world.