The Best Mobile Games to Play in 2018


Best mobile game listings are all over the internet, but frequently they’re less than helpful. Sometimes they focus on a specific genre and inevitably become insistent; sometimes they are bombarded with images and also bogged down in clunky slideshows, and occasionally they are simply obsolete. On top of all this is the fact that there are just too many mobile games to allow everyone to rank the best ones definitively! So in this article, I’m going to keep things relatively easy. By being fresh, new-ish, cutting-edge, classic, or culturally relevant (or any combination of these distinctions), these are a number of the mobile games I would rate as the best to play in 2018.



Fireproof’s astonishing” The Room” collection has been in existence for years now, continually taking us deeper to creepy, vaguely Victorian mystery worlds, also is among the most frequently popular franchises in mobile entertainment. Three games preceded The Room: Old Sins, which thrives in presenting an impossible, devious, transforming mystery box of weirdness — as one author put it. There just are not app-based games available with a better sense of air, or even with much more intriguing puzzles.


ENYO is a game which, so far as I am concerned, not really got its due. Developed by Arnold Rauers, it describes itself as a”tactical roguelike” regarding hook and shield combat. A different way to put it’s it’s just like a more complicated game of chess using war-like characters attached into Greek mythology. It is a game that’ll make you believe, but which can be a pleasure to play from a visual standpoint — and, like the best mobile games, it gets progressively more difficult.


Truth be told that there are a whole lot of different Marvel games that I could’ve chosen. I mentioned cultural significance above as a tool which could create a game stand out, and Marvel always does a great job of updating its games to match its cinematic material. Fundamentally that is the premier RPG with Marvel heroes and villains, and it is beautifully done.


This is a game which seems to be getting a lot of buzzes recently, and in case you only glance at it for a moment that might seem baffling. It’s about as straightforward as a game could be in a visual standpoint. However, this game, that was created by Dinosaur Polo Club and has won a lot of awards and distinctions is an almost difficult puzzle game according to city subway systems. Your task is to draw on the map to keep public transportation as active as possible, which can be harder as the city around you develops.


Age Of The Gods by Playtech has turned into a thing of a franchise in a category that individuals tend to love or dismiss. In a phrase, its source of inspiration would be the slot machine arcade game. But with a complete theme and design built around the ancient Greek and Roman gods and myths, it seems like much more in a fairly satisfying way. There are a few distinct spinoff titles, along with the programmers are believed to be creating a poker-style game too.


This is one of the sassiest games out there, which I mean in a great way. It is designed like a twist on Tinder — except for the simple fact that it is set in a standard medieval world, and your job is to make conclusions as king of fantasy land. You are only presented with questions, one after the other, swiping left or right to make decisions, and also waiting to see the way your kingdom reacts to them. Eventually, you get rid of energy (or so are assassinated), and you immediately assume the role of the successor and try your luck again. It’s a subtly fantastic gaming experience.


Again, here, I’m choosing cultural relevance. Since I’m writing this in a World Cup year and there are so lots of excellent soccer/football games on the mobile, it appears just right to add one. Flick Kick Football Legends is definitely among the top of them, albeit just one of the sillier ones also. You command a business from the ground up, signing new players playing through games with comfortable, flick-based controllers. The game utilizes a sort of’70s European soccer aesthetic, making things amusing throughout too.

80 Days

80 Days has existed for a little while but deserves all of the attention it receives. This is a game based on Around the World in 80 Days and presented as a text-based adventure with more than half a million words in total rolled into its different narrative paths. It’s almost shockingly well done, and very clearly at the forefront of its genre. And best of all, if you like it, you can play it all over again and choose an entirely different route through the game. Just the overall idea — controlling French valet Passepartout as he helps his master Phileas Fogg travel the world — stays the same.

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