Best Hostels in Switzerland for the Travellers on Budget!

Best Hostels in Switzerland

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful Swiss vistas? Everybody wants to enjoy a fantastic tour of Swiss Alps. Ask some adventurer what the value of spending a whole month exploring the lovely Swiss Lands is.

Well, enough about the intros!

Switzerland is a place loaded with heavenly beauty that everybody wants to witness, but only a few can afford. With the tickets alone costing equal to your entire budget, it seems next to impossible to plan a Swiss vacation. However, say thanks to the technology that has brought cheap accommodation online. With just a few clicks, you can browse all kinds of information on affordable accommodation options such as hostels. You can also find hoards of information on backpacking across the Swiss lands. So, if you have been pining for witnessing the heavenly wonder of Switzerland visit the place.

We have compiled a list of the best hostels that you can find there.

Ahem, don’t forget to plan your tour well to enjoy the trip immensely. So, folks, here we go!

Best Hostels in Switzerland for the travellers on a budget

Bern Youth Hostel

Most of the people start their Swiss vacation from Bern. The city is oozing with the old-world charm with its historic sites and old town features. Though there are very few good hostels here, Bern Youth Hostel is undoubtedly the best. You can get a big and clean space overlooking the river. So, Yay! The hostel offers a breakfast buffet and a restaurant bar & lounge.

Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald

Mountain Hostel features on almost all the lists of hostels in Switzerland. You can enjoy the rustic and more original picture of the region here. Cowbells, mountainous valley all around and stunning wooden huts – you will undoubtedly enjoy this one! The hostel is at the foothills of the Swiss Mountains. So, you can wake up to the stunning views of Gimmelwald Mountains. You can find many hiking trails in the vicinity.

So, plan your stay here if you are travelling for adventure. You will find companions for hiking and enjoy a comfortable stay without burning your pockets. Use an MMT coupon code to book your flight; say bye to the budget woes and enjoy hiking in the Swiss Mountains!

Chalet Martin Backpackers Hostel in Gyron

Surrounded by pleasant Swiss scenery on all sides, this is one of the most famous hostels in Switzerland. You can enjoy all kinds of sports in the lawns and enjoy picnics or nature all around while lounging. This hostel is renowned in the fraternity of backpackers and adventurers. Apart from the hostels, there are tents, rooms, and suites where you can spend your night while enjoying the beauty all around.

Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof in Interlaken

Find the best views of the Swiss Mountains and forests on all sides here. In the winter season, the place gets enveloped in snow and becomes a wonderland. Trummelbach Falls, Beatus Caves, and public swimming pools allow you to enjoy your stay in a better manner. The hostel resembles a villa and has a full-fledged kitchen. The staff is hospitable, and this is one of the best places for budget-stay in Interlaken.

Balmers Hostel for partying the night out in Interlaken

If you are a party person who loved to mingle and enjoy life, no matter where you are, then Balmers Hostel is the best place for you. This hostel is famous for its carefree vibe and affordable party nights. It is right next to the Backpackers Villa, and the bar is open. So, even if you are staying at some other hostel, you can enjoy partying here. The hostel is clean and perfect for staying with friends and alone.

Hostel St. Moritz, St. Moritz

This hostel is yet another fantastic place set amidst plenty of nature and imposing scenery on all sides. The rooms are clean and spacious. Winters make this hostel a fairyland with conifers covered in snow, and Mountains offering scintillating backdrop. If you stay for 2 or more days, you can also get a pass for skiing. You can indulge in lots of other adventurous activities here. During summers and spring, the surroundings become even more inviting.

Crans-Montana Youth Hostel

This hostel is in Crans-Montana and is perfect for enjoying the serene beauty of the region. Perched over the highlands and offering splendid views of the mountains and lake etched with trees on both the sides, this hostel has male-only and female-only dorms. So, if you are worried about your security as a solo traveller, this is the best place for you. So, are you still concerned over your budget? Stop worrying and book the trip with MakeMyTrip promo code. Enjoy hearty breakfasts buffets and minimize your expenses on food as well.

Petit Steffani Hostel at St. Moritz

The Petit Steffani Hostel is the best hostel for honeymooners and couples. If you are travelling as a couple and are looking for budget accommodations, then this one is the best pick for you. The facilities and amenities are commendable and comprise of:

  • Nightclub with DJ
  • Modern Swimming Pool with Lounge Area and Spa
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Garden to enjoy some special moments
  • Free shuttle service to the train station

Hostel by Randolins

St. Moritz is famous among the youth and adventure-seeking travellers. There are plenty of adventure activities that you can enjoy here, such as biking, skiing, long walks, and exploring the valleys nearby. You can also enjoy camping here if you want to. The rent is affordable, and privacy is also good.

Hostel Schutzenbach Backpackers in Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen is a beautiful place which can be best explored with Hostel Schutzenbach Backpackers. The dorms are clean, safe and offer stunning views of scenery all around. It is one of the few hostels that stay open all around the year. So, summers or winters, you can stay here without burning your pockets. You can also find many fellow skiers and hikers to enjoy adventurous activities.

Hostel Depot 195 Winterthur

Switzerland trip is not considered complete without visiting Zurich. There are many hostels here, and Hostel Depot 195 Winterthur is one of them. Offering a perfect mix of old and new elements, this is a sweet and cozy place for budget stays. It greets you with a nice seating accompanied by a small collection of books to read. It is perfect for budget stays in Zurich; which is otherwise very expensive.

These are some of the best hostels in various tourist hotspots of Switzerland. You can enjoy backpacking across the country without spending a fortune if you know how to. Life is meant to be enjoyed and visiting Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the proper ways to do that.