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The market and consumer demands are evolving which increases the complexity of managing the customer relationship. Because the consumer today is more aware and cautious about what they buy or consume. Customer relationship management software is a perfect tool for business owners to customize the services.

There are various CRM vendors in the market which provide various solutions for businesses to simplify their process. But every business will have a different need, client base, or goals to achieve. As a result, they need to select the best CRM software that adapts to your business needs and helps to achieve the goals quickly. In this blog, we will cover the best cloud CRM solutions for a better client relationship.


FreshSales is a cloud CRM solution that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses to manage their processes efficiently and interact with customers effectively. Additionally, this software will also integrate a calling and mailing system to centralize everything in one platform.  It is a user-friendly software that does not require a tech-savvy staff to use the system.

Freshsales will help to deliver personalized customer service to your clients based on their preferences. Because this software will help to gather the leads from various platforms, record the interactions, and get accurate detailed insights. Furthermore, the FreshsalesCRM solution will help identify; the potential leads based on your products and services.  This software will track the customer purchase history and notify your team when the client clicks on your promotional campaign.

HubSpot CRM:

HubSpot is an online CRM software that helps businesses to manage more than just contact management. This software will help business owners track the performance and automatically generate the reports for an overview. Additionally, HubSpot helps the management gain; accurate reports of daily, monthly, and yearly sales reports.

Irrespective of your business size or type this CRM solution will adapt to your business and help you achieve goals. HubSpot has the best automation tools that help to reduce the work burden on the team and save a lot of time. As a result, your employees can focus on other valuable task like managing and interacting with the customer to strengthen their relationship.

Moreover, this system is capable of notifying your team; when a customer opens your email, visits your social media or website. As a result, the employees can interact with the customer at the right place at the right time to make more sales and increase the conversion rate. This software will help your team to schedule your meetings and follow them to ensure punctuality.

Salesforce CRM:

Salesforce CRM software is one of the top solutions available in the market, which helps transform your business. Moreover, this software helps your business with the best tools to interact with your customers and unite your pre-sales, sales, and aftersales on one platform.

Furthermore, Salesforce will help automate most of the tasks to increase the sales team’s productivity and interact; with prospective customers to close the deal.  This software will help businesses create and share correct quotes, proposals, contracts, and invoices. It is a cloud-based CRM system with artificial intelligence (AI), which helps the team to get detailed insights into customer preferences.

Additionally, this software will help to synchronize your emails and calendars to automate the appointment management process. Salesforce CRM allows businesses to customize the software according to their business needs according to the workflow. This software will help integrate social media and other digital platforms to have an overview of your business.

Zoho CRM:

Zoho CRM is one of the most preferred customer relationship management software globally because this system helps to enhance customer interaction and convert more leads. Your team can use this software to manage the schedule efficiently, conduct presentations, and generate accurate real-time reports.

Additionally, this software helps businesses to be on top of their sales game by tracking the performance and make strategic changes; in the process when required. This system has an in-built artificial intelligence that gives you an aesthetic dashboard that deploys on mobile phones as well. Additionally, Zoho CRM will help to will unite your teams through common feeds, share the data to keep everyone in the loop.

This software helps your business connect with their customers through all the communication platforms including, phones, chat, emails, and social media through a single system. Furthermore, this software will help to automate the repetitive and menial tasks so that your team can focus on following up with customers.

EngageBay CRM:

EngageBay is a cloud-based CRM software that is an affordable and robust alternative for businesses to enhance the customer experience. This software will help businesses; to generate leads, interact with them, strengthen the relationship and create a loyal customer base.

EngageBay CRM helps to automate the email marketing, menial and tedious tasks so that your team can increase productivity. Moreover, this software will help to get detailed 360-degree insights into customer preferences and deliver customized services.


Industry 4.0 has increased the competition, which makes it necessary for business owners to set unique ways to perform their tasks. The customer relationship management software will help to strengthen their relationship with their client and maintain it.

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