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Best Apps To Help You Get Over an Addiction for Android

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Addiction for Android

Sweating, hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and restlessness are just some common drug withdrawal symptoms. These are also among the reasons why getting rid of substance addiction is challenging for many people.

Rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol addiction can help better address these concerns, while simultaneously ensuring that the individual stays clean. Meanwhile, highlighting the successes they’ve had while in rehab is a great way to help those in recovery get over an addiction completely. The advent of technology presents the availability of apps that can help anyone keep their addiction in check. Most of these are easy to use and are available with just one swipe.

Here are some of the best apps for Android to help you win the battle against addiction:

1. Sober Grid

Price: Free

One of the most crucial factors to get sober is getting sufficient support. This is what Sober Grid provides. The app connects users with other sober individuals from across the globe. It provides a strong and dedicated support system that inspires one people to become better versions of themselves.

The platform is quite similar to Facebook where you need to create online profiles. Using this account, you can interact with others who are using the same platform. A GPS locator is available to let you see other sober individuals near you. It has a “Daily Quests” feature that helps you improve your mood as well as reduce negative thoughts.

Users are raving about how the app is a very helpful tool in their recovery process. They say it has helped them stay motivated to be sober, and build new friendships to support them in their quest to get rid of the addiction.

2. Came To Believe in Sobriety – AA

Price: $0.99

A wise old owl as a guide to recovery? Cute, isn’t it? This is what you’ll get when you download this app. The interface of fun and functionality makes the app appealing to persons of all ages who are trying to move past their addiction. It was created by former addicts and alcoholics, and is user-friendly.

This app allows you to log in your emotional status, unleash your creative side through daily writing exercises, and set reminders to notify you when to take medication or go to a service event. Sharing your weekly accomplishments as well as your writing output is also possible. It has the second edition of the Alcoholics Anonymous Book available as well, so you’ll have a ready reference anywhere you go.

Those who have used the app like how it has helped them get over substance addiction among many other kinds of addiction. It can be easily adjusted and programmed according to users’ daily needs.

 3. Nomo – Sobriety Clocks

Price: Free

Get inspiration from the days you’re sober with this app, as it can track the amount of time you’ve stayed away from substances. In the event you feel like using again, there’s a feature that allows you to get in touch with an accountability partner, who will help you get past the urge. It also allows you to share your sobriety clock with your recovery support system like family, friends, accountability partners, and counselors.

The app was created by people who used to be addicts and who wanted to have a good sobriety tracking app that looked great, keeps track of multiple clocks for different uses, and connects with a support group. Since they didn’t find any, they made it themselves.

People who use this app are happy with how the app creators personally respond to inquiries. The app assigns colors to each milestone of sobriety, and many users are raving about how they look forward to the changing colors and earning chips by staying sober. The refocus exercises also help users get distracted from the temptation of using again. These include four mini exercises that aim to get your mind off any triggers, and help in regulating your thoughts.

Staying sober takes effort and time. These apps and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can help you win the struggle while battling addiction. The good thing is they are readily available. It’s only a matter of when you start using these tools.

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