Benefits of Using Salesforce B2B Commerce


The Salesforce B2C Commerce focuses only on online retail shoppers, while B2B brings a new array of e-commerce capabilities, i.e. B2B business-to-business. Salesforce B2B Commerce allows organizations to develop e-commerce storefronts that are specifically made for businesses making huge volume purchases from other online businesses online. B2B commerce customers usually look for online access to suppliers. Making an easier to easily buy products to run their businesses. Salesforce B2B Commerce Online Training can be one of the approaches to acquiring this expertise.

Benefits of using Salesforce B2B

1. The Capability To Scale

The new sales channels an e-commerce platform offers are a great way to reach new segments in the market. Thus, helping your organization meet customers’ needs, grow, and scale to keep pace with the growing demand.

2. Optimized Productivity

Automation happens from central to e-commerce. Customers can simply place orders online, thus freeing up employees who can focus on the customer service experience. Salesforce B2B Commerce easily integrates with enterprise resource planning and other related back-end systems.

3. More Customers

An important aspect of the business is keeping up with the growing trends. Indeed, online shopping is certainly the way shoppers these days are purchasing. If you did not previously have an online presence, you would now have your products introduced to a new range of customers who are searching for your items.

4. Better Brand Awareness

Even if your website visitors do not convert, you have increased your brand’s visibility. If the customers have not heard of your business before, now they will get to know after browsing your site. The ability to control your brand’s image online will further help you grow and promote your brand locally and beyond.

5. Better Sales Growth

New customers open door to more revenue. Not only that, but you can even make use of the automated cross-selling and upsell recommendation tools from Salesforce. With this, you can show products to customers that they are likely to purchase on the basis of this information, leading to better growth.

6. Analytics Capability

When you sell your products through Salesforce B2B Commerce, you get to enjoy better access to some of the best analytics tools growing on the market. This will further help you effectively measure your marketing campaigns, sales, customer engagement, inventory, and much more. You can then later use these data to make actionable insights to improve your online effectiveness.

Why Should B2B Businesses Start Using Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud?

B2B Commerce Cloud benefits with self-service access to their B2B buyers. And further, offer a better seamless and more convenient shopping experience. Thus, allowing your customers a positive experience with your business and will keep coming back for more.

By offering self-service functionality, your team even saves time. You can then reallocate this time to focus on better growth opportunities. It also optimizes your daily business functions to build complex processes easier and reduce tedious manual tasks.

It further helps you to scale your business and hit the market faster and innovate quickly to adapt to changing customer needs.

Thus, making B2B Commerce a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses. If you are looking way to scale your business and further boost your sales, hence, this is the perfect solution for you.


E-commerce is a constantly growing market worldwide. Consumers and businesses now demand a connected, online buying experience that correctly meets their needs whether they are making large or even small purchases. Thus, Salesforce B2B Commerce, a robust CRM platform, helps businesses harness their true potential. Start with Salesforce B2B Commerce Course in Gurgaon and learn more about its features. With its growing cover in the business market, these professionals will forever be in demand.