Benefits of the Social Media Stream and How to Use It

Benefits of the Social Media

The potential of content can be measured from the fact that businesses across different industries are using it in marketing campaigns. Content aggregation from the modern social media landscape is easy to find as there is no dearth of people sharing their pics and videos online. 

However, to really hit the mark, brands should employ powerful social media aggregator tools that not only curate the right content but also convert it into virtually pleasing real-time feeds, known as social media streams.

Social Media Stream – Definition

A social media stream is a collection of user-generated content curated across different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This stream is also known as social media feed or wall and can be displayed on various marketing touchpoints such as events or websites etc. 

To create an engaging and interactive social media stream it is always a wise choice to use a social media aggregator tool that helps in smart curation, moderation and accessing the users’ content with rights management. 

Social media feed content can be aggregated from different sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, RSS, Yelp, Slack and many more so that target audiences can witness the brand’s reach. Social media stream bridges the gap between brands’ social media presence and other digital and marketing platforms. 

Perks Of Using A Social Media Stream

Here’s why using a social media stream can reap high profits in terms of reach and growth- 

  • Takes Brand Reach Beyond Social Media

As mentioned earlier, social media stream fills the gap between brands’ social media presence and other digital channels such as websites. The consumers coming to a different marketing touchpoint can see the influence of the brand over its social media followers by means of user-generated content. 

This will promote multi-channel marketing for the business and enhance brand visibility across all sectors. By having a social media stream brands can easily convert their social presence to offline and digital reach and conversions. 

  • Expand Business With User-Generated Content

User-generated content is deemed to be the “marketing gold” by many pioneers in the marketing world. The reason for this is simple- the authenticity of the content as it is not created by the brand but its users. But, this marketing gold has to be dug up and showcase somewhere. Well, the social media stream does exactly that! 

Lately, people are basing their purchasing decisions on other consumers’ reviews. Therefore, to have a wall of User-generated social media content, brands can not only grab consumers’ attention but could also influence them into buying their products and services.

  • Introduce Social Stream Widget On Website

A website is the shopfront of any online business. Most brands put their efforts into creating the best website in terms of functionality but misses the engagement part. 

If a visitor is coming to the website and sees the dynamic display of attractive user-generated content, he/she would be hooked on to the website and want to explore more about its product and services.

Having a social media stream embedded at a primary touchpoint such as a website, businesses can enhance the user experience. It boosts the aesthetic appeal of the website along with increasing engagement factor which further enhances the dwell time. Not to mention the genuine appeal of user-generated content that captivates the visitors’ attention and drives conversions. 

  • Kick Start Offline Engagement With Social Stream Signages

Offline marketing touch points hold equal importance when it comes to business revenue and engagement. As these channels require much effort in order to deliver interactive and humanized communication with consumers, having a dynamic tool such as social media stream helps in achieving that. 

Through digital signage at offline outlets or events, businesses can display visually captivating and engaging content and make their brands shine.

By showcasing social media streams having user-generated content, events could promote audience participation and create a buzz for themselves. 

  • Turns UGC Into Shoppable Gallery

The end goal of all businesses is revenue. While engagement from social media streams brings in the leads, it is important to cash on the opportunities by turning the content into shoppable galleries.  

Through a social media aggregation platform, brands can turn their feed into shoppable content by linking product descriptions, price and check out links to images containing the products. 

This shoppable social media feed can be used on websites, emails, social ads etc giving the consumer a chance to explore and instantly purchase the products. 

  • Promotes Cost-Effective Marketing

It is important for businesses to cut down the investment and increase the returns. With the social media stream at hand, it is fairly easy to attain that. 


Well, the same social media stream can be used at different marketing touchpoints. Having the same marketing strategies for different channels saves resources that were earlier being used to create individual marketing plans for every channel. 

Content curation also saves money on the content creation part for marketers. 

How to use a Social Media Stream

The easiest and most efficient way to use social media in marketing is by embedding it on business websites. By using a social media aggregator tool such as Taggbox Widget, brands can create a feed of selective social media posts and generate the embed code. 

This embed code can be placed with the website backend and needs no additional technical prowess. The embedded feed can be modified as per the campaign display theme or website layout. The content is refreshed constantly and never bores down a visitor and he/she spends a long time on the website than usual.


User-generated content has become the number one marketing tool for businesses. Brands are using UGC to enhance the engagement and experiences of their users. Having a social media stream, brands can give immersive experiences to the users along with building trust in them.