4 Lesser Known Benefits of Acrylic

acrylic window panels

When thinking about windows, the thought that comes foremost to your mind is thick traditional thick glass sheeting. For a long time, regular glass was the only material used for windows. The new world saw many polycarbonates and acrylic sheeting gaining traction. They are fashionable and safe alternatives for glazing applications. Some manufacturers even custom cut plastic products and materials to suit your needs.

Acrylic is generally considered one of the cleanest plastic. A brief history reveals that it was first produced in the year 1928 but was introduced in the markets five years later. Some of the first applications of this super durable product were when it was in use for submarine periscopes, airplane windows, turrets, and canopies. It is also a fact that Airmen whose eyes got an injury from the shards of Acrylic fared better than those injured by glass shards.

Laminated Glass and Acrylic are transparent building materials that withstand high pressures. Acrylic is a monolithic material made of organic substances; hence it carries a nickname of organic glass. Plexiglass is yet another popular brand name for Acrylic. It can be used in many applications such as in aquarium, yacht windows, and also in your house window panels. With so many options available in the market, more and more people are choosing to settle for the acrylic option. Here are a few reasons why Acrylic gets preference.

1 – Safety and strength-

Acrylic sheets carry 17 times more resistance than glass. So if you are living in a hurricane-prone region or are worried about strangers or thieves breaking in, then relax with acrylic window panels.

2 – Ease of use- 

Acrylic sheets are much easier to cut than glass. The latter is not practical when designing vintage-style windows as it is fragile and does not cut to precision. It is possible to give Acrylic the desired shape. Flexible polymers in plexiglass allow you to custom cut according to your needs.

3 – Transmission of light- 

Plexiglass clarity allows more than 90% o flight to pass through. Thus it is more transparent than glass. It reflects more light, and the thicker glass becomes discolored. However, plexiglass always remains clear.

4 – Economical- 

Plexiglass is an economically better option than glass. Plastics such as acrylic plexiglass sheets take less money and energy to produce; hence the buying price also reduces. The actual cost savings depend on the type of Acrylic that you are buying.

To conclude 

Once you know the advantages of acrylic plexiglass, you will not settle for anything else. Preference for Acrylic over the traditional glass makes sense. glass has its benefits, but it cannot match up to the custom plexiglass fabrication, custom CNC routing features of plexiglass- choose Acrylic for a sounder alternative.