Avelo refund policy

Introduction: When it comes to air travel, unexpected changes in plans can occur. In such situations, understanding an airline’s refund policy is crucial. Avelo Airlines, a low-cost carrier operating in the United States, has established a refund policy to provide clarity and flexibility to its passengers. In this article, we will delve into Avelo’s refund policy, outlining the key points you need to be aware of in case you need to cancel or modify your reservation.

  1. Cancellation and Refund Eligibility: Avelo Airlines allows passengers to cancel their reservations and request a refund under specific circumstances. To be eligible for a refund, passengers must cancel their booking before the scheduled departure time. Avelo does not offer refunds for no-shows or cancellations made after the flight has departed.
  2. Avelo refund policy: Avelo Airlines provides two main refund options to passengers: refundable fares and non-refundable fares.
  • Refundable Fares: Passengers who purchase refundable fares have the flexibility to cancel their reservation and receive a full refund. Refunds are processed to the original form of payment used during the booking process.
  • Non-refundable Fares: Passengers with non-refundable fares may still be eligible for a refund in the form of flight credits. These flight credits can be used towards future travel with Avelo Airlines. It’s important to note that flight credits are typically valid for a specified period and subject to certain restrictions.
  1. Refund Process: To initiate a refund request, passengers can contact Avelo Airlines’ customer service team via phone or through their online support channels. When contacting customer service, be prepared to provide your reservation details, including the booking reference or confirmation number.
  2. Additional Considerations:
  • Change Fees: Avelo Airlines does not charge change fees for modifications made to refundable fares. However, for non-refundable fares, passengers may be required to pay change fees in addition to any fare difference.
  • Fare Differences: When modifying a reservation, passengers may need to pay the fare difference if the new flight has a higher cost than the original booking.
  • Time Limits: It’s essential to familiarize yourself with Avelo Airlines’ specific time limits for canceling or modifying reservations to be eligible for a refund or flight credits. These time limits may vary depending on the fare type and other factors.

Conclusion: Avelo Airlines’ refund policy provides passengers with options for canceling their reservations and receiving refunds or flight credits. By understanding the eligibility criteria, refund options, and necessary procedures, passengers can make informed decisions when faced with unexpected changes in their travel plans. It’s always advisable to review Avelo Airlines’ official refund policy or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information and assistance.