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As Taxiwala Has Won Hearts With The Story, Let You, Rob, The Stunning Looks With Its Outfits!!

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The Rowdy boy Vijay Deverakonda has paired up with a debutant actress Priyanka Jawalkar and has again fallen into the list of hits with his “Taxiwala” directed by a debutant director Rahul Sankrityan. Almost the whole team of Taxiwala are debutants, from the director himself followed with the writer Sai Kumar Reddy, editor Sreejith Sarang and the DOP Sujith Sarang, music by Jakes Bejoy, and produced by SKN.

Though it was more of a debutant crew, they have given the best to make sure it would be a sure hit for the heartthrob of the industry Vijay Deverakonda. Production house by GA2 pictures and UV Creations. Due to some piracy websites, the movie went online during the post-production, but even then the film was able to bag the hit in the list with its fantastic storyline.

This film story is loosely based upon on the characters of John Carpenter’s “Christine” 1983 film. Vocals were sung Sid Sriram, Hemachandra, Revanth, Shreya Ghoshal and Jakes Bejoy. While the lyrics are written by Krishna Kanth.

The story revolves around Siva(Vijay Deverakonda) a taxi which he gets after he resigns his job as a security guard in a private company and how he meets his financial deadlines to help his brother and sister-in-law during the journey of her pregnancy health.

Anusha(Priyanka Jawalkar) being a doctor falls in love with Shiva in the process of the story that happens around Sisara(Malavika Nair) in which her soul happens to leave her in an experiment that she performances with her college professor and ends up not getting it back due to some miscalculations in the analysis. Vishnu who is known as Hollywood from the film has kept the story a laughing riot in places. End of it all Sisara soul enters the baby of Vijay niece who dies during delivery as the calculation gets corrected.

Vijay Deverakonda has already raised the standards of styles with his looks and choices. Be it an audio function or a mall opening Vijay has always been a trendsetter with his dressing style. From the jeans to the traditional outfits he has made his mark in the outfits and styles.

In Taxiwala, his jacket that laid the path for his love story is available now at the stores. Priyanka has also been an attraction with her girl next door looks while the dresses she wore has robbed the heart of Shiva. Though the costume used in the movie is less for the leads, they pulled it off well with the looks.

Vijay is known for introducing new talents from his first film Priyadarshi Pulikonda to his latest film Taxiwala Vishnu. Vijay has got stunning looks throughout the film. Which such amazing looks Vijay has won the hearts of many of us. I’m sure Priyanka has also done the same with her cute looks in the costumes. Give them try for sure, and you will stand out in the crowd with the filmy looks of our rowdy boy.

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