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At present, AI is a buzz word in technology stacks of mobile app development community and everyone rush to mine the gold out of it.

Do You Know What Is Artificial Intelligence, After all?

It is a combination of various underlying technologies that form an artificial neural network to accomplish intelligence-related tasks beautifully.

It makes machines behaving like humans, and it also is capable of learning things quickly and accurately when the required data had provided.

Do Mobile App Developer Create AI Engine?

No. Neither a tiny mobile device bear AI capabilities nor mobile app developers are capable of writing code to create an AI engine.

So, How Mobile App Developers Can Add AI Capabilities in Mobile Apps During Mobile App Development?

In the market, various AI Engines are available to integrate with mobile app back-end using APIs.

For instance, Amazon AI, IBM Watson,,, Tensorflow, and Clarifai are popular APIs. Let’s take a glimpse of it all.

  • IBM Watson – API: It is another best bet for AI-based API integration when you have to run voice search on the web.
  • ai – API: To obtain the AI analysis of your input data based on your existing training model.
  • ai – API: Its working mechanism is the same as engine, and the Google Developers develop it.
  • Tensorflow – API: It is a project of Google developers and working on artificial neural network graph generation principles.
  • Clarifai – API: It uses captive and complicated AI mechanisms, so the resulting applications can fully adapt to offer personalization experiences.

Which Use Cases When AI Is Best for Apps Mobile App Developers?

There are a number of use cases when the AI-powered mobile apps can help the various industries, and mobile app developers can integrate the respective AI APIs. For example:

  1. NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  2. Speech Recognition AI Software
  3. Virtual Agent
  4. Machine Learning
  5. AI Optimized Hardware
  6. AI-Based Decision Making
  7. Deep Learning
  8. Biometrics Applications
  9. Robotics Apps


Integration of AI capabilities in mobile applications demands hard work from the mobile app developers and active involvement of the entire mobile app development team to tackle many tactical issues. Are you interested to know more in this regard? Please explore the full-text on our blog “How Mobile Apps Development Company Implements AI Technology” or tell our business development team at SysBunny that how we can help you.

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