All You Need to Know About UK Partner Visa

If you are living in the UK with an ILR visa or other visas and your spouse is living outside the UK, then you can take your spouse to the UK with a UK Partner Visa. This visa comes under the family visa category. You will need this visa if you want to enter and remain in the UK to live with a family member for more than 6 months. A partner visa is solely designed for people who want to join their partner or spouse or fiancé, who is a resident or citizen of the United Kingdom with no immigration restrictions.

How to Apply for the Partner Visa

You can apply for the UK partner visa online if you are applying from outside of the United Kingdom. You need to complete the online visa application form with required details. If you are applying the partner visa from the UK, then you will have two choices. You can apply online or by post. You can also apply at a service center.

Eligibility Criteria for the UK Partner Visa

The UK resident and the applicant that wants to join them in the UK, have to fulfill certain requirements to qualify for the partner visa. The eligibility criteria include:

  • The visa applicant must meet the English language requirements
  • The person you want to join in the UK must be a British citizen
  • The person you want to join in the UK must meet the financial requirements
  • If you are a proposed civil partnership you must show proof that within 6 months, you will be entering into a civil partnership
  • Your civil partnership or marriage should be recognized in the United Kingdom
  • If you are a fiancé of the person living in the UK, you must show proof you will marry within 6 months
  • Your relationship should be at least 2 years old when you apply for the visa

How Long Does the Partner Visa Last?

The validity of the visa varies depending on the visa holder.

  • If the partner visa is for your wife, civil partner, husband or partner who you have lived with for 2 years, the visa is valid for 33 months. The visa can be extended for another 2 years and 6 months. After 5 years, they can apply to settle in the UK.


  • If the partner visa is for your fiancé, the visa is valid for 6 months. They must marry you before the 6 months and become your civil partner.