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SMM services or Social Media Marketing Services is a digital marketing strategy on social media. Which promotes brands with paid advertisements. By using images and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest you can digitise your business through Social Media Marketing Services.

For an example of a Social Media Marketing Services, we can consider Facebook as the most effective, intimidating and largely used social media globally. As billions of people use it, it is very important to advertise on Facebook. The cost of Facebook ads is cheaper than any other platforms.

Here are all about Facebook ad types and complete guidance in steps to publish your brand advertisement using Facebook.

Types of Facebook Ads

  • Image Ad- The most common type of ad is image ad. You can create a new one or can use an existing one from the Facebook page.
  • Video Ad- It is good to show on stories, in between long videos and also in news feeds. Show the appealing approach of your product in video ads. You can also shoot GIFs.
  • Poll Ads- To get a rating of how much an image, video or a link of those is liked by the viewer poll ads are used in stories and you can see the percentage of the result too.
  • Carousel Ads- To show many products or various advantages of a product carousel is used as it has a maximum limit of 10 images or videos and each of it can contain individual links to buy.
  • Slideshow Ad- It is a cumulative presentation of photos, videos and texts in an interesting motioned way and consumes very little data.
  • Collection Ad- Collection Ads, which is only for mobile, offer a maximum of five pictures or videos of your product and to buy them staying on Facebook.
  • Instant Experience Ad- This provides you with a full-screen canvas and it is way faster than any other mobile websites.
  • Lead Ad- This feature is only accessible on a mobile phone. It’s easy to use with less typing facility and signing in or subscribing to anything.
  • Dynamic Ad- This shows products to customers from Facebook Manager Ads, according to their interest. When they add it to the cart, it comes up on the news feed so that it doesn’t get lost and the customer can complete the purchase.
  • Messenger Ad- Select ad placement to messenger, this allows personal interaction in purchasing products between buyer and salesperson.
  • Stories Ad- Appears in stories with full-screen video vertically.
  • Augmented Reality Ad- This comes with features of augmented reality that show how a product is going to look on you. For example- Spectacles, sunglasses. It is a mixture of animation and filters.

Steps to create advertisements on Facebook

  1. Set your target-

Before you start creating ads for your company, make yourself clear about your goals and what are the things you want to achieve. Gather the crowd on your website from Facebook, involve people for events, ask for a reach on Facebook content or Facebook page, install your application, buy the product from Facebook ads – these are a few examples of what target you can set before you start advertising.

2. Create an ad and select objective-

Once you set your goal it will also help you set your objective too. Start your campaign through Facebook ads Manager, Manage Ads, or by CTAs via using the link of facebook.com, Facebook account or Facebook page respectively. Then by clicking the clicking green button on the top-right corner, you will go to the 15 options for choosing your objective. This will help you increase brand value, traffic in your events, posts, website, views on your videos, install your app by more people, the demand of your product and visit your store and lastly name your campaign.

3. Aim your audience-

Target the users by identifying their choice, location, interest, gender, age, language. The kind of content they are interested in, channelize and show them advertisements of those products. Once they experience one product, show them those ads again to make them influenced to buy that again. This is the most effective way of increasing the engagement of viewers. Set your suitable payment method- daily or cumulatively for the ads campaign and start marketing on a higher level.

4. Prepare adverts-

Creating adverts is the more attractive part of the marketing process. Make interesting adverts either by using a pre-existing prototype post. In this, you can select a post from a page that has already been there before and use it to create your advert. Or else you can create from your own which depends and varies on what objective you have chosen. You will be allowed to use 90 characters and images and videos. There are 5 formats for choosing an advert- carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, and canvas which you can choose according to your convenience.

5. Place your ads-

Placement of your advert should reach as many people as possible. You can choose the place where your advert should be published. It can be Facebook mobile news feeds or desktop news feeds. It also can appear on Instagram by associating Facebook with it. Facebook shows you the best results at the lowest cost for the placement of your adverts.

6. Submission of the ad-

Now you are one step away from publishing your ad. Just click on the bottom-right corner of that page to submit your ad. Once it is done you will receive a confirmation email and the ad is shown to users.

Facebook advertising strategies

  • Include key information in images or videos-

The core information of your content should be included in short in the images, videos or in a slideshow that is going to appear on Facebook.

  • Use direct catalogue as ads-

If you want viewers to connect with you directly, you can put your store catalogue post on your Facebook stories or posts. So that people see those recommendations and place the order directly. Once someone purchases a product in this way they keep getting similar ads on their Facebook accounts. This strategy is often adopted by local businesses.

  • Bring users offline-

By applying engagement or conversion objectives, you can draw more people to your online stores. Allow tracking your offline location to increase the marketing. Show ads more often who have already been your customer and serve both online and offline.


It may seem a little confusing and difficult to create your brand ad, as there are various features to prepare an ad. Once you create a few it will be easy for the next ads to create. As a result, you will find a more attractive ad post with more public engagement.

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