Accident at work, Compensation Claim


Injuries or accidents at work are common. These accidents can happen due to any person’s negligence. However, sometimes these injuries can be brutal and take colossal time to heal completely.

If unfortunately, you are involved in an accident which is the negligence of other colleague or employer, you can register a compensation claim against him.

A compensation claim is the right of an injured person, for what he is suffering for. And you know that you will get paid for everything you are experiencing.

In some workplaces, no matter how much you force on precautions, accident at work can happen under various circumstances. Injuries caused by these type of accidents can range in severity from minor to severe broken bones and fractures.

Construction sites

Construction areas are at the top of the list where an accident at work happens. In construction areas, an accident occurs mostly due to the negligence of employer and teammate too.

These construction sites can be dangerous if safety measures are not derived. The employer should also give adequate safety equipment to his employees to minimize the risk of injury.

Any occupation that deals with heavy machinery and electrical elements can be dangerous for the workers.

Causes of Electric Shock Injuries

Exposed Electric Elements

The risk of electric shock injuries is everywhere not only in construction sites. Usually, these type of accidents happens when live electrical components are exposed to the elements. These live exposed elements include a broken switch, damaged sockets.

Inadequate Earthing

In several cases, we’ve seen that poor earthing of buildings and compounds can lead to coming live.

What to do?

If you have involved in an accident, your first step should seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you delay this process, your injury might become worse. Although, if you don’t want to ruin your compensation claim, call the police to record this accident.

You need a person who can give testimony in solicitor’s court. That person can be your colleague, your assistant, or any other person. You will also need some evidence to prove yourself innocent.

After the complete medical checkup, you can register a claim against the liable party.

As you are going to register a claim against a company, this can be a difficult task for a single and unprofessional person. Remember that to win a claim you will need to prove someone’s liability and negligence for this accident. If you are unable to show this, you may be not awarded any claim amount.

An experienced personal Injury solicitor Bolton can help you to win a handsome amount. You can consult an injury solicitor to show yourself innocent as well.

Always consult with a professional solicitor who has years of experience in the relevant field. A solicitor can help you to gather the information about the case; he can also use your medical reports as evidence of getting hurt. He can contact the eyewitness for testimony in solicitor’s court.

If the liable part tries to do a settlement with you, before making any decision always consult with personal injury solicitor.

The time limit to claim compensation is three years after the injury for normal cases. However, this limit can be exceeded if you are unable to move or you are mentally disturbed.