A Guide to Fix the Google Shut-Down

In the recent past, Google has shut down a few times leaving the lives of internauts stagnant. During the glitches, people around the globe face multiple issues and it even gets worse when they’re unable to find the cheatshits to solve the issue.

Some of Google’s own products like Google drive, Gmail were affected during Google search down. There were also issues with YouTube, snapchat, etc.

Since the search down adversely affect the rankings of other sites, it has been a prime concern for the top-rated online reputation management services.

Well, the reason for this search down could be due to temporarily server overload as per Google. They have stated due to network congestion in areas like Eastern USA, Google is having issues with YouTube, Google cloud, etc.

But, how will you make sure when a Google search down occurs?

Sometimes, everything can be perfect yet you can face the issues with Google. So, prior to hoping on the social media sites and starting the rumors make sure your system is working great.

Google being the search engine giant the rumors can spread at a rocket-speed and hinder other lives. However, there are few steps to get confirmed about your system error.

Whenever you’re suspecting a Google shut down, follow the simple steps mentioned here. If you want to know more onGoogle Search down, you can read our ultimate guide on it.

  1. Open Up the G-suit Dashboard

G-suite is the best place to make sure if Google is down.

If all of the apps showing up on G-suite are working great, then there is no error from Google’s end.But, if it shows any of the platforms is having glitches then surely it’s an error from Google’s end.

And you’re not the only sufferer if it’s an error from Google.

However, the G-suite page will not open up if Google itself is down. In that case the search engine doesn’t work or open up any pages for any queries.

  1. Fireup the hashtag on Twitter

Twitter is one of the reliable sources to make sure if a Google search down has really occurred.

So, if you face any issues with google and suspect a search down then fire up the hashtag Google Down (#googledown) on twitter.Filter the search result to get the most relevant results and make yourself aware of these technical glitches.

What if Google is not working in your system?

If none is facing issues with Google except you, then it’s time to fix the glitches at your end.Here are some steps to follow whenever your face technical glitches from your end.

  • Verify the Site address

Often times, if you type a wrong address, Google won’t work.

Being a search engine giant it has other fake sites too where you’ll have poor site experience. So, prior to typing any search query, verify the site first.

  • Clear the History

Often piled up histories, cache files, cookies can shut down your browser.So, it’s important to clear the search history if you’re facing any issues from Google.

  • Try the app version

If web search is not working on Chrome, try the Google app.Else you can completely shut down the browser and open it again to fix the glitch. 


This guide will help you to give an idea about what to do when google search down occurs.

And you can also fix the glitches if Google stops working in your system. However, if you find yourself in the midst of confusion while fixing up the search down there are online reputation management company to help you out here.

Have you ever faced a Google search down? Don’t mind letting us know.

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