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A Buyer’s Guide To Getting Selecting The Right Dining Table Top

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The dining table is basically the spot where we gather together with family and friends however, more intimate memories made with this table makes it more of a focal point in the home. So, if you have any intentions of shopping for a dining table that will make memories with you for a long time, you would most definitely need all the guidance you can get. Now, the first consideration to be made when attempting to get a dining table is the budget. Your budget should define every option that will be made as that is what you can afford. Whatever you budget might be, a dining table need to be well crafted, sturdy, strong, and of a very convenient size.

The best material type that is sturdy and strong and can be easily crafted into any convenient size without altering the flow of light is glass. Glass tables are a result of the fusion of silica gel with sand to form a very bright, brilliant, and awesome material that seamlessly reflects light in a very large quantity. Glass tables are made from the complete combination of glass tops with glass stands however, in most cases, glass tables are made from the combination of glass tabletops with other materials. Glass dining tables can also be made in this way by simply combining a glass table top with another material that will complement its design. Glass dining table tops comes in various design type. They vary in strength, ability to reflect light, ability to resist heat, and scratches. With the ability of glass to take on different forms, it is totally right to say that the fact that getting a glass table is luxurious is simply bogus. Still having some doubts as to why glass dining table tops are the best material type to go for? Then check out below some benefits of glass tables.

  • Glass tops are versatile and can easily take on various forms of decor. They can be used on woods, metals, and even plastics. Their versatility makes them the best for every home design.
  • Glass reflects light in a large amount; its reflective surface allows it to be a perfect choice for a space that needs to appear bright and light. The unmetered flow of light through a glass surface make even a very small spaced dining area appears much more spacious than it ever will.
  • Glass table tops vary in density, rigidity, and toughness. The tougher the glass gets, the more resistant it becomes. A glass table has a higher potential of resisting various forms of scratches and thermal attack.
  • Glass table tops allows for a clear view of the home. Other materials obstruct the flow of light making it easy for anything to be hidden under or behind them. However with a glass table top, every part can be easily accessed as there is no visual obstruction.
  • The existence of glass in vary form allows for fair distribution across every budgets. Everyone willing to get a glass table top for their dining can easily go for a custom cut glass material that suits their budgets.

The existence of glass in various form may be best for affordability, however, it is necessary to understand the properties of some of these glass types in order to decide on the type that best suits our home. Some of the most common glass top dining table  are discussed below.

  • Clear glass

The clear glass is an almost colorless glass that has a tinted edge. It is made into different thickness (making it tinted edge more noticeable) and it has low temperament potential. The clear glass allows almost every light falling on it to be reflected back. It is the most commonly used glass type.

  • Tinted Glass

The tinted glass type as the name implies is made by the addition of color pigments to glass raw materials. Tinted glass comes in gray, green, blue, and even in black colors. The thicker it get the less light it reflects and the more heat energy it absorbs. The absorbed heat energy results in thermal stress and can eventually temper the glass.

  • Tempered Glass

This is one of the strongest types of glass commonly available. It is a heat strengthened glass that is locked in a state of high compression and temperament. The glass cannot be cut, drilled or scratched. The tempered glass is four times stronger than the frosted glass.

  • Laminated glass

Laminated glass is made by the fusion of two panes of glass over a thin layer of polyvinyl. One advantage of the laminated glass is the ability of its inner layer to hold the glass when broken. It also reduces sound transmission (sound absorbent) and Ultraviolet light passage.

  • Frosted glass

The frosted glass is a glass made of a sandblasted surface that prevents the passage of light through it. The frosted glass reflects about 98% of light falling on it. It is tough and has a very high temperament potential. It can be customized to suit personal use with basic designs or logos inscribed into it.


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