9 Easy Tips & Tricks for IELTS Exams Preparation

IELTS Preparation Tips

Preparing for graduation or postgraduation program can be quite exhausting. Especially if you are planning to move out of Pakistan. The entire procedure is tedious and time-consuming. Unfortunately, so many students fail to achieve their life long dreams because they are unable to give a good performance in their IELTS exam. This piece of write will provide you with the major dos and don’ts if you truly wish to study abroad.

Don’t be too Hard on the Word Limit

There’s a common misconception that an answer with more number of words would get you a band 8. No, it’s not true. Lord has gifted us brains that are supposed to be used in such situations. Your content matters, not the word limit. Use a few strong statements to justify your answers. Also, don’t go beyond the mentioned world limit.

Take Your Time to Read and Listen to Questions

Don’t rush into answering questions. Try to understand the questions first and then move on to writing their answers. Start forming the answers when you are confident and you have fully understood the questions. Also, we do not mean that you spend the entire time comprehending the questions. Manage the time according to your speed.

Answer Sensibly

There’s absolutely no need to cram the entire information you know since childhood in one answer. Make your answers easy to read and comprehend. Examiners are never impressed by ‘cluttered’ answers. Just make sure answers consist of strong, meaningful and thoughtful statements.

Cohesion is the Key

The key to excellent answers is cohesion. Your next statement should match the previous one. Never move on to the next concept abruptly. Otherwise, you might end up confusing the examiners and lose some good points.

Pay Extra Attention to Grammar and Spellings

It’s really important to understand the basic English rules. Here’s why it’s so important English is widely written and spoken in majority parts of the world. You would be expected to have proper knowledge of English grammar rules and spellings. Lack of basic understanding of the English language is one reason why so many people are unable to score 7 or more in their IELTS exam preparation.

Carefully Proofread

It’s really important to proofread your answers when it comes to written IELTS exam. We all know to err is to human. As humans, we all make mistake even if we are masters in any sphere of activity. Therefore, never get away with proofreading your answers even if you are a PhD in English literature.

Don’t be Informal

Never think that writing informal and funny answers will get you to your dream university. Examiners don’t prefer informal writing styles. So always be careful with your tone. You shouldn’t sound too funny or too serious as the excess of everything is bad. Try adopting a neutral tone which shouldn’t seem forced. This also applied to the speaking exam. And yes, never use slangs in your answers. It would affect your score to a huge extent.

Avoid Watching Time Every Ten Seconds

You should definitely manage time but you shouldn’t spend more than half of your time watching your watch. Doing so will distract your mind and you might as well start panicking unnecessarily. So, keep your watches away.

Keep Calm

Staying calm is very important if you want to land in your favorite university abroad. Don’t panic if you don’t understand anything. Also, don’t rush into answers because of the fear of running out of time. Anxiety does nothing but takes your attention away from the things that actually don’t matter