9 Best Colours for Your Wedding Cards


You probably think that it’s the design that appeals you in any wedding invite, but actually, it’s the colour that appeals the eyes most. Hence one thing to be very careful of while placing an order for your wedding invitations is the colour of it. Colours are very significant and can make or break the impression. Choose the colours as per your wedding style, traditional, modern or classic; there is the colour for every theme and style. Here are colours that are most popular in Indian wedding cards.

  1. Gold: if anything that shines brighter than your smile, it is probably this colour. This colour is ideal for Indian wedding invitations as it represents the “eloquence” at its best. It’s warm vibrancy and richness makes it one of the popular hues to be used in Indian wedding invitations. You can use it as a whole or can even use golden ribbons or golden envelope liner with other bold colours.
  2. Light grey: this colour is quite common for simple Indian wedding invitations. It looks very minimal in its appearance and hence you can try silver ink or dark grey with it. The whole contrast looks good.
  3. Black: though this colour is not considered as auspicious for Indian weddings, you can the tinge of it or it’s usage in modern Indian wedding cards. It is the best connotation of elegance. The good thing is almost every colour goes with it. Another thing you can do is to be playful with its different shades that can be used for special effects.
  4. Ivory: this is another beauty that connotes a simple wedding. This is very pleasant to see as it is very soft in its appearance and there is nothing called vibrancy in it. It is one good option than the plain white.
  5. Brown: this is another delightful option to go while choosing the colours for your traditional Indian wedding invitations. Its warmth makes it one ideal option to go for something that represents the flamboyance in your traditional Indian wedding cards. You can use it with warm beige as the background or for design or beige background. The two colours are one ideal pair.
  6. Beige: this is another synonym to a relaxing colour to choose for your wedding invites. The good thing is it lays a neutral background for designs and colour you will using in your fonts. They look more pooped up and warmer with a beige background.
  7. Silver: this is quite distinctive and conventional at the same time. This adds glamour to your wedding invitations. If you are going with some bold colours, you can even emboss the silver foil to accentuate.
  8. Red: This is one of the most popular colours used in Indian wedding invitations for so long. The colour is the best connotation of passion and profound emotions. Its relation to Indian weddings is age-old. It is considered auspicious too for weddings. You can use this colour as it perfectly symbolises happiness and joyous celebrations.
  9. Pink: If you’re looking for a colour that looks romantic and playful simultaneously, pink is an ideal colour. The colour symbolises romance too and its charm will surely ascend the whole look of your wedding invitation.

Which is your pick among all these colours for your Indian wedding invitations?