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8 Worst Food Items and Drinks for Your Teeth

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Worst Food Items

A healthy, confident and bright smile is something we all want to chase. The food which goes into your body is important to the level of importance brushing and flossing have in keeping your teeth strong, giving you a fresh breath and also provide with strong gums. At the end of day, it all comes down to bacteria.

You may be brushing and flossing your teeth daily and even going to regular appointments at your dentist in London, but you can also do a lot more to ensure a good overall oral health. What is also important to note is that your dietary choices also have a significant role to keep your teeth in a healthy shape.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of 10 worst food and drink items for your teeth. Have a look-

  1. SUGAR

It is understandable that you feel a sense of achievement on skipping an occasional dessert, but that rarely stops the entry of sweeteners and sugars in your daily diet. Salad dressing and tomato ketchup also add up the sugar, putting a dampener on your conscious efforts to avoid sugary items.

When sweet items get stuck in your teeth, specific types of bacteria present in your mouth convert this sugar into a sticky residue known as exopolysaccharide that covers your teeth and make it easy for unnecessary bacteria to get stuck.


Gummy snacks are generally marketed as being a healthier snacking option. They are unfortunately, not what they are told to be. While sugar is the most dominant ingredient in these snacks, the sticky substance leaves a lot of little traces in the gaps of your teeth. The sugar gets stuck and stays long after you are done eating them.

A lot of parents see dried foods like raisins and cranberries as substitutes to candy-like snacks. Yes, they may be healthy in terms of minerals and vitamins, they are still very high in sugar. Teeth obviously will not be able to differentiate between healthy and non-healthy sugars.


Potato chips from a large number of brands are free of sugar. However, chips again have that tendency to get stuck between your teeth and gums. They harm your teeth for a long time even after you have eaten them, even as a snack after meals. Potato chips are also pretty high in starch, that gets broken down in sugar inside your mouth. This sugar is again a feasting place for your for unwanted bacteria.


Our teeth are protected by a tough layer of enamel, which is a substance that helps to have a pain-free experience while consuming both hot and cold food items. Too much consumption of acidic foods and drinks damage the tooth enamel, which leaves your nerve endings exposed, resulting in tooth sensitivity.

Lemon juice, tomatoes, coffee and alcohol are pretty high in their acidic content and should be consumed moderately.


It may look surprising for many to find wheat and grains in the list. These grains have phytic acid and gluten, both of which are hard to digest and absorb minerals like calcium from your body. Over a considerable span of time, it leads to loss of minerals from your teeth and bones, enamel erosion and also brings an acidic oral environment as well.


The drinks which we take for a better health instead turn out to be the worst options for our oral health. While energy drinks will provide you with the burst of energy that is needed to get you through a marathon or gym session, these drinks are all packed with refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and ingredients with acidic properties too.

These constituents are enough to damage that important tooth enamel.


Alcohol is a great way to have a fun time in some days, but it damages the teeth more than you know. Alcohol not only has a high content of acid and sugar, it also gives a diuretic effect that makes you feel like you chewed something like sandpaper some time ago. Consumption of alcohol also prohibits the natural production of saliva in our mouths.


Tea and coffee are not the best options as beverages when it comes to teeth whitening in London. You may think it nice to have a cup of coffee or tea to avoid stains, but the point is that even excess brushing will damage your gums, bringing in more bacteria as a result.

All you need is to pay a little attention in choosing good alternative options that are good to keep teeth healthy, and also have a good understanding of what works for your teeth and what does not. Nobody can take a great camera-ready smile for you then.


Dr. Samir P. Boulis is an experienced professional with a lot of successful dental procedures to his credit. He strives to make sure that his patients get the best treatment at 24 Hours Emergency Dental Clinic. The author enjoys an enviable reputation among his peers from the dental industry.

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