8 Tips For Getting the Exact Hair Colour You Want!

Everyone has had bad coloring experiences with our hair, don’t you think? When you walk into a salon, get a consultation with your stylist prior to the appointment time, and you’ve ready with a photo of the shade you’d like to have! But pictures and references just aren’t enough every now and then.

Despite all your efforts to communicate what you desire to your stylist when your hair’s dry, it’s evident that something was lost in the translation… That’s why you tell the stylist that you are in love with the hair, pay for hair you do not like, and then leave out your door. This is the worst feeling one could ever have! So, how can I avoid this kind of catastrophe? !

Here are some helpful tips on how to talk to your stylist to ensure that you receive color you will enjoy!

How to get the perfect hair shade, always…

1. Choosing an “nice” salon is not enough.

For some service industries, selecting the “high quality” place is not going to ensure an excellent experience. If people are asking me what to consider when choosing the best hair stylist, I usually think of it as searching for the perfect tattoo artist. If you choose to have a tattoo, it is a long-lasting decision. Coloring your hair could be too!

It is always a good idea to check out the artist’s portfolio prior to scheduling an appointment to find out whether the work could be something you’d be interested in wearing. If you’re hoping to look copper and you’re looking for an artist who usually works on blondes… You might not achieve the look you want.

It’s equally important to have confidence in the stylist who is performing your hair. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a client that is nervous enough to cause the stylist to be nervous! Hair color is a complex process and a stylist-client relationship is a crucial element in finding the perfect shade. Check out your stylist’s biography on the salon’s website when it’s accessible, and go through your salon’s mission statement, too, which would aid you in deciding which stylist or salon is right for you.

2. Healthy Hair = Beautiful Color

One of the most crucial aspects in getting the hair blonding you’re looking for is keeping your hair healthy! If you show up to the salon with unhealthy and damaged hair, your stylist will be much less likely to even think about putting the color. Make use of deep conditioners, reduce washing your hair to a couple of times per week, and avoid the hot devices as much as possible! (If you’re in AZ you are welcome to make use of the sun as an air-dryer.)

3. Search for photos!

Social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook getting ideas for your next hair color is a breeze! You’ll need to pick your sources of inspiration photos cautiously, however. Choose looks that you truly like, and then be ready to share with your stylist the reasons you like these looks!

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when choosing photos:

Do I have hair of this person’s length?

Do I have hair that is thick?

Do I have their hair’s texture?

Do I have the same skin tone as them?

Do I have their characteristics?

How do you style your hair in a way like this?

It’s crucial to know these distinctions in order to be able to make an informed decision about what style can work with you! It’s also crucial to bring some photos that you don’t want to show your stylist. This will allow both of you to have an open dialogue, and also assist your stylist to understand more about your fashion preferences!

4. Hair color is a complex language…

There are an endless number of shades and hues you can pick from when you decide to change your hair color and stylists come with many different lingos for describing them. It’s best to not attempt to learn their language unless you’re absolutely certain you know what you’re speaking about!

There are some terms you should be aware of to stay clear of and here’s a couple of useful advice:

I’d advise against terms such as “warm tones” or saying you love gold, as If you make a request for them, it could pose a risk.

In essence, warm is a synonym for the color orange. If you don’t want to be able to see the color yellow in your hair, then you don’t desire to be able to see “gold” either. If you’re worried about experiencing the color green in your hair, simply inform your stylist that you’d like to stay clear of dull or dull colors.


Since they’re human beings, they are worthy of your reverence in the same manner that you are worthy of their respect.

Are you more comfortable with a look with a solid color or a dimensional hue?

Dimension refers specifically to highlighted styles with a few parts which are darker or lighter than the rest of your hair. This makes them appear more natural. A solid style is then dyeing your hair all black and it’s the same across!

Be aware of the trends However, be aware that these fads don’t work just for all people! (“Trendy” isn’t right for all!)

If you walk into the salon and request tortoiseshell hair or the opal hair… That’s fantastic! But, these are daring fashions that don’t look good on anyone who wears these styles.

Find out if you’re someone who likes a natural style or prefers things more wild!

Your stylist must be knowledgeable enough to be able to answer any questions you ask about the process or color. Ask away!

5. Let’s be honest.

Be sure to share your true feelings with your stylist. Make sure you tell them what you’d like and provide your stylist with an overview of your hair! The stylist will want to determine if you have hair color and how long since the last time you colored or cut it, as well as the products you are using. Make sure you are realistic with your budget and your hair’s health!

If the stylist asks questions, answer them honestly! Your stylist will want to gather all the information they require to ensure you are left feeling satisfied with your hair So don’t be nervous! Go to the salon just the way you feel and let the stylists assist you to improve your appearance. Your ideal shade should match your eye color, skin tone, and your lifestyle!

6. Visit the salon with your hair in good condition for highlights!

A hair stylist will normally advise against washing your hair prior to an appointment since they’ll likely wash it once more in the salon, but highlights aren’t the same! If you are going in to get highlights you should remove some natural oils that are in your hair since they could hinder your hair’s curls from lifting (or getting lighter) equally.

If you’re going in for a one-time color such as a root touch-up It’s fine to show up with hair that’s dirty! The natural oils that are left on your scalp will prevent your scalp from becoming itchy while the color is being processed.

7. Make the perfect appointment!

First step in setting the best appointment for coloration is to schedule an appointment. The ideal consultation should be scheduled at a DIFFERENT time than the appointment for color, and you should plan your appointment for color with your stylist in the consultation. This will ensure that you are scheduled for the correct services and at the appropriate time! If you book the incorrect service there is a chance of not receiving the service you’re hoping for.

If you’re aware you’ve got lots of hair make sure you inform your stylist now so they can block out an extra hour for you! If this is your first experience going to the salon, or you’d prefer to have a relaxing experience do not book Saturday. Saturdays are always the salon’s busiest time, and If you want to make sure that you receive the full attention, make an appointment on a weekday! Remain calm and trust in your colorist, they’ll deliver you the most gorgeous hair you’ve ever had!

8. Bring your stylist with you!

It’s not possible to carry your stylist in your purse and carry them back. However, you can inquire for suggestions to use at home! Your stylist can demonstrate simple and easy styles you can make by yourself, supply you with hair products which work well with your hair’s texture, make your hair’s color last longer and provide you with more ideas for your next style!