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Healthy Food & Drinks for your teeth

Every one of us wants to have a bright and radiant smile with a perfect set of white teeth of course! Other than brushing and flossing, the food and beverages we have also have a pretty important role to play in maintaining the good health of our teeth and gums. Every bit of our overall health is affected by the many different types of bacteria, and teeth are no different.

Visiting your dentist in Essex regularly is definitely a great thing to do, but there is one more thing that is equally important to get good oral health, which is taking care of what you eat and drink. There are a lot of food items which look to be irresistible, but they are the ones which pose the biggest threat to your oral health.

This is why we bring you 8 food and drink alternatives for the food and drinks which harm your teeth. These alternatives will help you retain or get great oral health over a considerable period of time-

  1. SUGAR

Refined sugar and other sweeteners are a huge threat to your teeth and gums. Sugar is present in almost every item we consume in varying quantities and taking in those sodas and chocolates only cause more damage.

Try to consume water flavored with some fruit or vegetables like cucumber. Some unsweetened herbal teas can also be used to experiment with the flavoring.

Instead of chocolates, you can come up with homemade granola bars that have natural sweeteners like honey or some amount of dark chocolate, that contains healthy fibers which act as antioxidants and lower inflammation in the body.


While we talked about how too much of gummies and snacks like dried fruits damage your teeth by sticking in the corners, cutting the dried fruits from your diet is not a really good option.

What you can do is try to incorporate dried fruits as a part of your daily diet with your meals. You will be brushing your teeth after meals and this is going to eliminate any chances of these foods by sticking between your teeth and gums to bring the damage.

Other than dried fruits, also pay more attention to having whole fruits like apple, whose nutrients are also beneficial to the body.


Potato crisps too, get stuck between the teeth and damage them with the starch on offer. A much better alternative to potato chips is sea salt kale chips or raw vegetable sticks that come with a good healthy dip, providing you with the crunch factor and also a number of vitamins needed by your body to stay fit.


Too much of an acidic environment can cause a lot of damage to the tooth enamel, which leads to teeth sensitivity.

The best time to consume acidic foods is during meal times, as you are able to brush your teeth sometime later which leads to the protection of your tooth enamel. If you love to have water with lemon juice, you can go with some lemon slices in your glass rather than squeezing whole lemons in your water that is way more acidic. Slices will give you the flavor with pretty less acid content.


Wheat and other grains too contain acid and gluten which drain out nutrients like calcium from your body, leading to damaged enamel among other oral problems.

In such cases, you should try gluten-free grains like rice or fermenting and sprouting grains in order to make them easily digestive. You can try to play with different food combinations to get better and more nutrient-packed meals during the day.


The drinks we consume for better health are perhaps the most damaging for your oral health. Bluntly put, there is no proper alternative to energy drinks and you will have to avoid these energy drinks completely. For hydration and keeping up a constant energy flow, have filtered water and drinks that have natural electrolytes like coconut water with a little salt mixed in, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and good probiotic supplementation.


It might be enjoyable, but it is not good for your teeth. Alcohol causes your mouth to dehydrate, preventing the production of saliva in your mouth. Further damage to the teeth with side snacks like chips and sugary foods go hand in hand.

If you are not a fan to cut down alcohol entirely from your diet, you can make an effort to limit the damage by mixing in water with your drinks in order to avoid dehydration. The water will also wash the existing sugars from the teeth. You can also switch those chips with healthier options like olives. Red wine is another good option to satiate your alcoholic craving.


Beverages like tea and coffee are diuretics and can affect healthy saliva production if had in large quantities.

You can make an effort to reduce your tea and coffee consumption by replacing some of the daily cups with herbal or green teas. If you cannot compromise on your caffeine, ensure that you are consuming plenty of water in order to keep your body hydrated. Take your caffeine than without sweet sides like muffins or syrups.

These are some of the alternatives which you can incorporate in your daily diet pattern to have the share of food and drinks which not only give you the experience of their unhealthy counterparts but also prove to be better in taking care of your oral health on your own. You are already aware enough to visit your dentist in Chelmsford on a regular basis!


Dr. Samir P. Boulis is an experienced professional with a lot of successful dental procedures to his credit. He strives to make sure that his patients get the best treatment at 24 Hours Emergency Dental Clinic. The author enjoys an enviable reputation among his peers from the dental industry.

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