7 Ways to Automate Your Work Tips for Working Remotely During a Pandemic


Currently, the world is in the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic with millions of people under a lockdown. With the infection spreading fast and thousands of people dying, governments across the world are advising people to stay indoors. This has ensured that most organizations are recommending their employees to work from home. Remote working has both benefits and drawbacks. While one can spend more time with family members, if not planned properly working at home can become difficult.


One of the ways in which employees can increase their work efficiency while working remotely is through automation. People can automate regular work to make their work more effective. The following are seven different ways in which this can be done.


1) Automate Work Schedules


Even while working remotely work schedules are helpful. This is very important for organizations involved in customer service. They need to have customer service executives working 24/7. A duty roster needs to be prepared indicating work timings. Informing employees by email is a manual job. When work schedules change, again an email has to be sent. If this is missed out, it can lead to confusion. It is better to use software-based automation for work scheduling.


One of the ways this can be done is to use an employee scheduling app. This appcan be installed on the mobile phones of all employees in the organization, including the managers and supervisors. Organizations can schedule work using the app and employees get a notification of their schedules. In case any employee wants to change schedules, they can request a change and it will be implemented if the supervisor/manager approves. There is no need to send an email on changed schedules as the app does this automatically.


2) Continue the Training


Training is an essential activity that happens in every organizations. Technologies are changing, as are products and work processes. Organizations also change their work policies frequently. Training is essential to keep employees updated. Apart from changes, regular refresher training is needed to help employees be oriented on their work. Even during a remote work scenario, training plays an important role. Employees need to be trained on best practices during remote work. They need guidance on planning and implementing their work from home.


Regular training should also not stop because of a pandemic. It can continue online. Thanks to the availability of employee training software, it is easy to train remotely. A trainer can sit in a remote location and train employees easily. A training video once recorded can be re-used to train all the employees. It gives them the convenience to take up the training at the time of their choice. This is important automation required to ensure work continues smoothly.


3) Work Updates


Apart from work schedules, employees need to get regular updates from the organization. This includes work updates, product updates, and updates from various departments. All these updates can be sent easily through an employee engagement platform. The platform is a software that organizations can use to engage with employees to increase work efficiency. An engagement app can be used to send regular updates that employees can see as notifications.


4) Recognition of Achievements


Employees who work hard during lockdowns need to be recognized. This can be easily done by using an app. The app can use criteria that have been decided in advance to award points to employees based on work achievements. Managers can also add points to achievers. All employees will appreciate this kind of a transparent system. It motivates people to work more efficiently when they see their names on the achievers list.


5) Document Exchange


One of the important activities in an organization is document exchange. Employees need to work with documents that they need to share with colleagues. Conventionally, email is used for document exchange. Apart from email, an app can also be used for this purpose. All all-in-one engagement app can be helpful in this. It offers a host of features helpful for remote working. Document exchange is one of the features. Managers and employees can upload documents using the app. Managers can upload documents with tasks or documents from customers. Employees can work on the documents and upload them back. This ensures effective working during remote work activities.


6) Reward Systems


Just notifying a list of achievers is not enough, they need to be rewarded for their good work. Organizations can engage well with employees by implementing a reward system. The reward system can help employees convert the points they have earned for their work into rewards. The rewards can be monetary in the form of bonuses or it can include gift vouchers or even include paid holidays. This system motivated employees to work well while at a remote location or working from home.


7) Employee Surveys


Employees working remotely during a pandemic are physically at far off locations. Being locked down can be demoralizing. There can be various other factors that can affect their work. An employee survey would help an organization understand if the employee is happy with the remote working process. Such a survey can be done through an app. Its results can be used to change work processes to ensure maximum efficiency.


As discussed above, organizations can make use of software to automate work, making it easy for people to work remotely during a pandemic.