7 Reasons Why Most Girls Prefer Dresses More Than Jeans

Majority of women are dealing with a terrible crisis when it comes to shopping for clothes and choosing what to wear. Sometimes, it would take them an hour staring at the closet and another few hours just to change their minds. Although girls can flaunt either with skirts or pants, some are extremely torn between these two. I’m actually one of these girls whose major problem is choosing between wearing a dress or jeans for a normal day.

As girls, we have different tastes and interests when it comes to wardrobe and style. While some are more comfortable with jeans, others enjoy the femininity of skirts and dresses. Talking personally with my friends, I’ve listed seven of the many reasons why most of us would rather purchase a dress more than a pair of jeans.


1. Comfort

The comfort of wearing a dress depends on the person who wears it. If I may compare it with pants, a dress makes me feel more comfortable when I’m walking. Maybe because I got huge thighs that usually rub against one another every time I walk in jeans and I totally hate it.

But walking has never been this comfortable with a dress since my thighs can move a little apart while no one sees them. It goes the same when I’m sitting. Jeans become tighter as I lay back and I can hardly breathe. Sometimes, I just wish I could unbutton my pants to make me feel a little better. Even pregnant women are advised to wear maternity or stretchy dresses to save them a room for breathing as their bodies keep on growing every week.


2. Femininity

Dresses are designed for women’s bodies. Mainly because they’re fresh, flattering, and feminine. Admit it or not but girls would look more feminine with a dress compared to some casual urban clothing such as jeans or jumper pants.


3. Style

Ladies with a fashion sense can be stylish by wearing both skirts and pants as well. But a dress can compose more fashionable outfits than pants. I guess nothing can work any better with all sorts of shoes and some additional garments than a dress.


4. Variety

Purchasing a dress can be challenging and fun at the same time. The exciting part is that we can choose from a wide variety of colors, lengths, and schemes but since we fell in love with so many options and our budget seems a little tight, choosing for the best one becomes a challenge.


5. Versatility

Wearing a dress can function in three different settings whether it be a formal occasion, a smart casual workplace, or just a random walk in the park. This is probably what most girls love about dresses. They’re so handy that we can easily pull them off regardless of any situation we’re into.


6. Sizes and Availability

Another reason why we love dresses more than jeans is the fact that it’s easier to find a dress that fits our body’s shape. Some dresses are actually designed with one size that fits all bodies. Sizes for jeans, on the other hand, are sometimes (or should I say always?) hard to find especially for girls with too tiny or too large waistlines. Length is another problem for short girls like me. I always end up with the right size for my waistline but they’re too long for my legs so I have to roll them up every time. Too bad, rolled-up pants do not really look that stylish with short legs.  


7. Convenience

The cloth used in dresses is much lighter than the jeans. Hence, wearing a dress can run smoothly while wearing jeans may require more time to pull up from your feet to your legs, and up to your thighs and waist, especially when they’re too tight. And if you try to wash both items by your hands, you’d probably say the same that rubbing a dress is much easier.  

Sarah Contreras
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