7 Crazy Methods to Enhance your Home Wifi Network

7 Crazy Methods to Enhance your Home Wifi Network

1. Reset your Router

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Not many individuals comprehend the fundamentals of routers and also why they stop working, yet one usual service to all technology related items is to reset them from time to time. Much like your mobile phone or computer system, routers have firmware built right into them as well as it isn’t really constantly best.

Info can repress in the router, procedures could cycle, so often a simple reset will certainly assist you boost your signal. All you have to do is discover the source of power, pull it out for one minute, after that plug it back in and also allow it initialize.

2. Avoid Interference

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Router is a gadget that generates wavelength of audio so if you have various other gadgets such as microwave oven or cordless phones, you must expect some disruption. A possible solution can be getting a dual band router and also you can even obtain a cordless phone instead of a cable one.

If you don’t such as getting a new hardware then it is suggested that you maintain your Wi-Fi router away from such conflicting devices.

3. Utilize the most recent Wi-Fi innovations

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This may seem normal however the fact is a lot of the wifi base station are not able to resonate speed because their drivers are dated. In case you are running an extremely poor and old wifi router, make certain to update the software application else upgrade your router.

There are a great deal of stability is included when it involves the routers configuration like router’s IP address, network procedures, Wi-fi protection spots as well as lot more. So it is constantly essential that you make certain the software and also the routers vehicle drivers are constantly up to day.

You can even manually inspect the routers vehicle driver inside your computer Simply to guarantee that whatever inside the vehicle drivers software program and the router is working well enough to obtain the rate.

4. Boost your WiFi vary utilizing aluminium aluminum foil

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There are many tricks that you can do on your own to boost or boost the range of a Wi-Fi router. One such techniques is called the Aluminium foil technique in this straight you have to take an aluminium aluminum foil as well as cover the and also routers.

This needs to be done when you remain in a situation where you cannot place the router as the variety is difficult to come by.

Though do not anticipate much from this but you could still anticipate that the array will be good. Still if web rate is your concern after that you should spend some cash as well as obtain a new and updated router.

5. Regulating transmission capacity hogging applications


If you have a person at your residence who frequently does video conversations, plays a great deal of online games, gush files or uses solutions such as netflix then for certain you could be eating a good amount of bandwidth which consequently would make the entire net off.

There is something called Quality of service. QoS for short which is to get eliminate the bandwidth hogs. With the help of QoS, you can establish priority of some applications which makes certain that the important applications obtain their due time.

Note: You can control all these settings by simply logging into the router’s admin panel. All these router manufacturers Cisco, Belkin, D-link, Netgear, Comcast and more have a particular login IP assigned to the router, in which you can login using specified username and password.

6. Update the Device drivers

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Similar to your os. You need to update your router’s drivers in your system. There are possibilities that there is an upgrade available but you are yet to do. Simply see for an upgrade and also if available, update the drivers.

There are high possibilities that you will start obtaining a far better speed once the motorists are updated. Go to your supplier’s site as well as see for the info. In case there is no update offered then see for an update for your system.
Change your wifi channel

If you are residing in an extremely inhabited location after that opportunities are that there is a really significant blockage of network. Just like a radio or a T.V, a cordless router runs on various channel. In case you wish to check the network then most likely to your windows system and also see for the command punctual as well as look for the choice “netsh wlan show all”.

In case you aren’t sure, most likely to all programs, then devices and pick the choice command motivate. As soon as you checked, most likely to cordless router’s user interface as well as adjustment to a network which is much less utilized.


Currently you are cognizant of all the realities which will make sure that your router functions like a charm. Don’t anticipate means way too much rate. Simply proceed and obtain the speed you always wanted.