7 Best Cyber Safety Tips to Protect Kids

cyber safety tips to protect kids

For the past few years, technology has evolved enormously and changed major aspects of children’s lives, but what about their internet safety?

Children nowadays are tech-centric, and parent’s challenges are to find the best ways to limit and monitor kid’s access to the internet.
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When cyberspace is flooded with information, there is a potential danger for teens to become the easiest targets of cybercriminals.

Thus, we are here to assist children with online threats by providing cyber safety tips and how parents can combat this issue using parental control apps.

7 Best Cyber Safety Tips:

  1. Educate children about cybersecurity and digital threats:

Parents should talk to their kids about safe browsing techniques, malicious sites, different types of threats, etc. Teens should not be allowed to meet online friends (unless they are genuine).

Ask the following questions for the online safety of children and your family.

  • How much are you aware of secure browsing?
  • Which type of internet security material should be read to use the cyberspace safely?
  • How will you optimize your financial data protection?
  • Are your kids using social media accounts safely?
  1. Set the limit on internet browsing:

It is essential to put reasonable limits on a child’s internet access. The more they use digital platforms, the more they are prone to vulnerabilities.

Use parental control application to define the curfew hours on multiple applications for a child’s use.

  1. Block inappropriate content:

Children are tempted to view adult content and gambling videos. They are not mature enough to bifurcate between right and wrong or beneficial and harmful online activities.

Thus, parents should stop their kids from viewing inappropriate content. Here, kids safety application comes handy to block offensive apps and enables children to access appropriate content.

  1. Teach the use of strong passwords:

Educate kids to create a tricky and strong password which hackers can’t crack easily. A combination of letters, numbers, and symbols should be followed for defining the passcode.

Tell your teens to use different passwords for each online account and change them at regular intervals.

  1. Don’t allow kids to navigate online without antivirus software:

When your child complains about pop-ups all over the screen, different default engine, device slow down, random error messages, new toolbars – its a warning! Malware is injected into the device.

Antivirus software is therefore needed to protect digital assets from viruses and for safe and secure browsing.

  1. Install parental control on smartphones:

It is important to follow the kid’s web affairs when the risks are higher. 

Children connect to the internet with smartphones, and it is difficult for parents to supervise their online activities every time. Here, the phone monitoring application comes handy. They are a great way of tracking a child’s online behavior and controlling their digital tasks.

Kid’s safety app acts as a guardian and helps parents to monitor teen’s online usage like, control excessive screen time, block unnecessary and inappropriate apps, help during an emergency, and much more.

  1. Listen to kid’s internet experience:

Staying online is a daunting task and no one can predict what type of people are chatting on social media and where the communication will head.

Parents can check child’s smartphones to ensure their digital safety, but kid’s online experience helps to understand various aspects better. So listen to children about online exposure, how are they using different platforms, who are they chatting with, what sort of content they entertain, and many more.

Be approachable if kids want to share any serious problems like threatening or cyberbullying (with you).

Let us check what kind of digital dangers encountered by children

Cyber Threats And Kids:

The diversified digital platform provides adolescents plenty of opportunities to explore and enhance their knowledge for a better life. But online perils are lurking around every corner of the internet; here is where child monitoring application comes in.

Thus, parents need to be ready to keep their kids safe online from various dangers like:

  • Cyberstalking and cyberbullying:

Cyberstalking is an act of harassing the victim using electronic means. Stalker creates fake profiles and remains anonymous to threaten the victim. Such actions can emotionally distress children and their lives.

Cyberbullying is far beyond teasing. The bully can post rumors, objectionable comments, humiliating photos/videos of the victim on social media portal,therefore  The victim’s kid can take harsh steps like self-harm or even commit suicide.

Fortunately, parents are equipped with the right kind of kid’s safety software (like Bit Guardian Parental Control) to save teens from hazardous acts.

  • Phishing:

Phishing is tricking the user by sending an email containing malicious attachments or links. Cybercrooks monitor popular websites among kids, and collect information for their email scams.

Teens should be taught not to click any suspicious or lucrative links in their emails.

  • Malware and Identity theft:

Malware is a type of virus that gets installed in devices without permission or knowledge. It can steal sensitive information and trick kids to download malware by offering free play games or apps.

Identity theft is performed by a person in a disguise, and they target children to reveal financial information with the intention to steal money. Thieves can quickly empty the bank accounts if credentials are shared with them.

Parents can prevent identity theft and cybersecurity attacks by using a kid’s safety software.

  • Offensive content:

A lot of offensive content is prevailing on the internet. If teens come across such objectionable material like viewing pornography, violence videos, dating apps, etc., it will adversely affect them. 

Well, parents can follow the above parenting tips to protect kids from the darker side of cyberspace using child monitoring software.

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